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  1. Hello Noel. It is the size of the tube that is the issue in the configured D rack in the TANGO infinity from Bio-Rad. We have contacted tech support. But in these trying times no solution for my facility at this time. We have poured off the donor sample into a smaller tube and while not an ideal solution it does work. We like to work directly with the specimen as received. It would not be prudent to ask for one facility to have a change in your manufacturing guidelines for future donor specimens for proficiency testing. Thanks for your help however. Susan
  2. Any suggestions for placing the donor unit on the D rack for tango infinity? Ours is configured to accept small tubes (12x75). Unfortunately during install we never thought about a survey sample. Really do not want to ‘pour off’. Not an issue with the tango option. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. ThAnks Susan
  3. Can anyone offer suggestions for validation of new ISBT printer as compared to current printer. Used essentially for labeling thawed plasma
  4. Thanks. They are not helpful. That is the timeframe that we are stuck with for specimen expiration.
  5. An RN reports symptoms to an MD during a transfusion and the MD states that this is not a "reaction " and wants the transfusion to continue. Other than urticaria, medical staff is pondering letting blood be collected, basic workup completed for evaluation and if "negative " continue the transfusion. There would be no physical clerical check. I am against this potential protocol. RNs feel that the MD has the final say and blood bank does not need notified at all. Guidance please and thanks.
  6. How do you apply verbal orders for uncrossmatched RBC's? We have meditech and there is no order set placed in the EMR by a physician just a phone call and it can come from anyone in the ED.
  7. Hello and thank you all. Just found out we will be getting a pp next Wednesday that will have the pop up box at issue for bar coding the DIN, product code, blood type and expiration. Barcoding is a must (no typing). That should handle the issue problem for selecting the correct product for issuing apheresis units. Will train to add a unit tag comment related to container 1, container 2 etc. as another check.
  8. How are you able to differentiate AT ISSUE the same DIN, SAME Volume but different product codes (container 1, container 2)? Unit entry is no problem. Assignment for compatibility testing is no problem as long as the tech chooses the correct product (again container 1 or container 2). Unit Issue is another story as our unit tag only contains the DIN and no mention of ISBT product code. When issuing both DINs will display but there is the probability that the issuing tech can select the wrong product. Any help would be appreciated. As always MT is not helping. Thank you in advance. Susan
  9. Can anyone with meditech experience provide me with a rule that will have a patient sample expiration date be 3 days from sample collection at 2359 (per AABB). Meditech has only been able to assist (?) me with an expiration date/time of 3 days at 2301 since we went live in 2009. Thank you.
  10. In your facility, who is permitted to record vitals signs during a transfusion? RN must record initial and 15 minutes (along with remaining with patients). Any vital signs recorded after those time frames my facility wants to utilize nurse's aides and nurse interns (hired for summer not completed in nursing school). Question arose in regards to recognizing adverse effects to transfusion. Thank you.
  11. if you are using BBK Specimen Internal Inquiry,which is what we use on our pending log to see what is "coming" into the department, there are a lot of headers on the left side. Example ORD PRODS: followed by ORD TESTS: followed by COMMENTS: which can be rather large and many pages if you have test view group, etc, followed by QUERIES: MARKERS: COL BATCH: ORDER SITE: RCV SITE: PERFORM SITE: RPT AUDIT: AND THEN FINALLY HX COMMENTS are printed. I have had 2 techs think that this is new meditech and there is nothing that needs to be looked at or investigated....hmmmmmm.
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