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  1. Good day, I am new tech assign in Blood bank, i would like to ask how do you deal with patient without history , are you doing the retype with the same sample or will you just do the re-type if there is request for blood transfusion. Someone told me that its a CLIA or CAP requirement. Please ,kindly shed some light about this matter. I will appreciate all your responses. Thank you.
  2. Hello fellow lab frontliners, I am a newbie working in Blood Bank , What kind of report to do you file in case OTHER department are involved, for example in my case admission dept register the patient using old /wrong patient file in which historical blood type does not matched the current blood type result. These scenario was twice happen this year. I dont know if occurence report would be enough or there is other proper reporting method to properly addressed the issue to other department. i will greatly appreciate all your response . Thank you.
  3. Sir John , in my case I am working in a small hospital and its my first time to work in Blood bank, most of my antibody screening are all negative. I rarely or never got an antibody positive patient in a month. In this case what will be my sample for validation studies?
  4. Hello everyone , Our supplier (Immucor)will discontinue the polyclonal Anti-Fyb reagent and will supply a new monoclonal Anti-Fyb, is it necessary to do a validation studies? Thanks and God bless..
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