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  1. Hello! Does anyone have a trick for creating a "fake" rouleaux specimen for students' learning purposes? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thank you so much for the powerpoint! And for the kind words. If you still have your t-shirt, you should definitely wear it! I would've been excited over that too!
  3. Good morning! This is probably a very dumb question and I'm sure I should know the answer from school. On Ortho antigrams (maybe all brands? Our facility only uses Ortho so that's what I know), what does "+s" mean for the P antigen? We consider it positive, but what is the s?? A student asked me today, and I couldn't give her an answer. Thanks in advance!
  4. Would anyone be willing to share their SOP's for "tubing" blood products? I am trying to get this started at my facility (even though it seems like everyone else has been doing it for years!) and am already getting lots of questions. I figure being able to explain what others do might help! Thank you in advance! Edit: we do not have the capability of "secure send" or scanning units/badges with our tube system
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