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  1. Is anyone willing to share their procedure for preadmit specimens? We are planning on extending our retention from 8 to 28 days for crossmatches. At the present time we use Blood Bank armbands and serologically test. We have a request from a new provider to extend for 28 days and found that it is not as easy as it sounds! Some hospitals repeat the ABORH and the preadmit questions prior to surgery. All help with this topic would be greatly appreciated.
  2. We are transitioning from Cerner computer system to Epic and Wellsky for transfusion services. We are faced with a dilemma as to the workflow for nurses ordering products in Epic, since there is no place that the bb armband can be documented in Epic. Anyone have similar circumstances? We are a 700 bed hospital and dispense many products, and we opted to keep the additional blood bank ID band for patient safety reasons. Have any suggestions other than having the nurse go to the patient's bed and jot it down before calling the blood bank for delivery?? We would like to have it documented on the nursing side in EPIC as well as Wellsky.
  3. How is everyone implementing Day 4 bacterial testing of platelets. Has this been mandated by FDA to be completed by Oct 1?? We currently test Day 5,6, and 7, but Day 4 seems to be a challenge. Any ideas would be appreciated!
  4. We just completed validation and our only kink in the process is billing. How are these tests being charged? Are the charges added to the new product or not? We use Cerner Millennium for our charges. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  5. Good Luck Jana, I had the pleasure of working with CBC in Dayton years ago! Great people, awesome blood center!
  6. We review every transfusion tag for completeness as it arrives back in the blood bank. Any tag that is not filled out properly has a varience filed electronically. This varience must be answered by the nursing manager as to the action taken to resolve the problem. Most of the time the manager has to confront the guilty party... It has started to reduce the % of tags that are not properly filled out. A report of missing, 2 nurse signatures and the name of the nursing unit, is also sent to our compliance officer monthly for Joint Commission's National Patient Safety Goals compliance. People usually do the right thing when they know they are being watched! It a very effective tool until we go completely electronic...
  7. We also result as "least incompatible". Our Medical Director contacts the ordering physician personally prior to the transfusion. If the physician decides to transfuse, the Medical Director and a Transfusion Service staff member deliver the first unit of blood to the patient's room and explain the risks to the patient and nurse transfusing. I would love to have a copy of the forms that are signed by the physician, since we do not use any documentation for all of this activity. Thanks
  8. We are a 500 bed, hospital based transfusion service. We also use a communication log and a white board for messages. If there is a task that has to be completed, it is signed as "DONE" when finished, otherwise it is used mainly to pass on information from one shift to the next. I have to give you a word of caution when using these logs, they should be used to state the facts only and not to voice an opinion!
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