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  1. Unless I am missing something, the MTS Dil 2 is not used in antibody screening, however it is used for making a suspension when performing a DAT IgG test (pos and neg QC) on the analyzer. MTS Dil 2+ is used to make the ABORh forward typing solution, which is also QC'd on the analyzer. For the DAT we make our own but for the ABORh and antibody screen QC, we use AlbaQ commercially made QC material (we test O pos, A neg and B pos QC samples) as well as the antibody screens- two vials test pos (anti-D, c) and one vial tests neg.
  2. We do not if we can figure out RhIg injection history, unless specifically requested by MD. Last week we had one where mom did not get the 28 week shot yet, apparently fell at some point, and didn't tell anyone, and her pre-natal anti-D titer was 1024!
  3. Soft Bank is by far the best BB LIS I've worked with.
  4. To add, I have used both Soft and Cerner and within it there is a label verification process in which you scan the newly created ISBT label to make sure that it is correct before being placed on the unit or before dispensing the unit. If for some reason they scan something incorrectly you can set it to automatically Quarantine the unit after x number of tries.
  5. Our policy is similar in that if you're issuing out group O blood in emergency you do not need the second sample. That being said, it sounds as if your patients are not emergencies because they are PAT's and they should certainly be able to send you a 2nd sample prior to you issuing ABO specific products. Usually a few articles about mis-transfusions due to WBIT will scare them enough to understand that this is an important patient safety practice. ?
  6. Wow this is a surprise. I am getting my Vision this year but hopefully not before this issue is fixed!
  7. http://www.pdchealthcare.com/securliner-veridigitr-barcode-blood-wristband-poly-synthetic-hybrid-serialized-barcode-write-on-label-with-shield-large-font-3-5-x-11-adult-pedi-light-blue-150-bands-per-box.html
  8. We also had same issues with clerical errors so we researched and found a new band from PDC St John that is a custom label and barcode scannable. Only thing that's written on the band is date/time and initials of phlebotomist.
  9. We've used the Lascar EZ loggers for about a year or so and I have no complaints. I have them set to record the temps every 5 minutes. We have them for all the equipment: refrigerators, freezers, and platelet incubator. Cheaper than going with a monitoring system. We do still also use the chart recorders and take daily temps manually using the internal/chart/digital temps. Probably overkill but since the battery could run out mid cycle there's a backup to the backup.
  10. 1. Do you have laboratory supervisors physically on-site 24/7 or do they take call on "off hours"? No 2. If they are on-site, is it as a supervisor or a working bench tech? it's a mix 3. If they are on call, is there a charge tech? Are they compensated extra to be "in charge"? we have a "tech in charge" on weekends and anytime there isn't a supervisor on site. They are compensated $1 per hour to be "in charge". This has worked out well for us. 4. Do you have a supervisor for every department (micro, BB, chem, heme, phleb, etc.)? We have a core lab supervisor, BB supervisor, and senior techs 5. How big is your facility? 180 beds
  11. From the Current 29th Ed of AABB Standards: 5.84 Red Cell Antigens Other than ABO and RhD Units may be labeled as antigen negative, without testing the current donation, if units from two previous separate donations were tested by the collection facility and found to be concordant.
  12. See #4 http://www.aabb.org/advocacy/regulatorygovernment/Pages/askfdatranscripts2010.aspx
  13. No washing for gel. A few years ago we even validated cord blood testing on the Provue as all of our BB samples are EDTA tubes. Works great. The techs were resistant at first but anything you can automate is usually better all around.
  14. It depends on the antibody and we know they are all not textbook perfect sometimes. Es can be naturally occurring. Manual gel vs Provue should theoretically be identical (same reagents) but I think the camera reading the reactions on Provue, is perhaps better than the human eye? Perhaps the card incubated slightly longer on the Provue and antibody just started to be picked up. I only see this every once in awhile. Most repeats we do are fully negative on screen and panel (total of 14 cells tested). Since we really only detected it in Ficin, it could have gone completely missed but I'm glad it didn't. -Colleen
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