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  1. Thank you @AMcCord. That’s very good information. I am fairly new to the hospital and I am just now discovering their culture. The entire hospital share one person for quality. And this person is also taking care of infectious control. We also do not have a BB medical director. Though, I am going to take your recommendation and approach lab director and hopefully he would stand his ground for patient safety. My next step would be reaching out to the quality person.
  2. I am so glad to see another place using electronic identification system to require a separate sample for ABO verification. Yes, we do ELXM. We only have a few units that are nurse draw. Actually majority of the samples are collected by our phlebotomy team. However, I have several nursing leaders having very strong opinions with not wanting to draw the extra sample. I have started using the CBC with a different collection time as soon as I have identified the issue. But it is not a good solution due relabeling. My lab director is saying that BB don’t have to spend time to retrieve the CBC sample and a second sample is not needed since we have electronic identification system. Therefore, she along with the nurses are giving me pushback. I just don’t know what else I need to do to proof that the system is not the only thing we should do to prevent transfusion error.
  3. Thank you @Kathyang!! Nurses doing short cuts to get around the system is my biggest concern. With the short 3 months that I am in my current hospitals, I already have multiple proofs that nurses are doing short cuts (preprint label, scanning chart instead of waistbands…) and not closing the loop of verifying the patient before sending down the samples. I think I have built my case well citing standards and etc. But my lab director was holding onto the statement that as long as we have an electronic identification system, we do not require a second sample. My “argument” with her was what good does the electronic identification system do if no one follows the rule and uses it accordingly.
  4. Hi, Anyone out there using SOFTID (or any other electronic identification system) and still requesting a separate sample for ABO verification? We have an incident where a nurse sent the lab a WBIT sample with SOFTID. I have used WBIT data, potential patient outcomes, patient safety, etc to support the idea of getting a second sample for ABO verification. However, I am still getting major push back from nursing not wanting to do it. Can anyone share your experience?
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