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  1. I want to create a label to use on psoralin treated platelets that let the provider know that these products meet the requirement for CMV Neg and Irradiated platelets. Is anyone using a a label for this? Is there a special FDA approved label that must be used on blood products?
  2. My question is concerning pre-surgery outpatient blood bank ID. We currently put an ID band on the patient (3 days) before surgery and ask that the patient leave the band on until they return for surgery. Many times the patient removes the ID band and we must re-do the work up stat before surgery. I see that a few hospital labs do not have the patient leave a wrist band on. How are most of you doing pre-surgery patient ID? I really want a positive ID method that would allow the patient to remove the band after the initial draw.
  3. This is way late to reply but in our ER, the nurse documents that the patient was transferred and is SUPPOSED to end the transfusion. That rarely happens. We review all transfusions daily for incomplete TAR. My biggest issue with TAR is nurses not changing the intake to the correct volume or not ending the transfusion in TAR.
  4. It was not an easy sale but eventually we implemented the TAR in surgery with the option of a downtime slip in life-threatening situations in which there is no time to use the TAR. For our anesthesiologists to use TAR, the surgery RN initiates everything in the TAR reviews the blood bag with the anesthesiologist and then ends it in TAR. Vitals are not captured in TAR but recorded in a separate anesthesia record.
  5. What blood derivatives do you require an informed consent to give or transfuse? Do you include albumin, Factors, RHIG, or just blood components such as FFP, Cryo, RBCs, Plts?
  6. Does anyone have abnormal result flags on positive antibody screens, positive fetal screens or positive KLI tests listed when posting results?
  7. We had the same issue. It is now resolved. I am not sure what Meditech did to resolve it.
  8. We just switched from Soft to Meditech; however, in Soft we would add it as a special need or a note to tech. This would pop up anytime the patient's record was accessed.
  9. Does anyone use Meditech's TAR in surgery for blood transfusions? If so are the RNs documenting or is Anesthesia documenting?
  10. I am trying to find out if it is acceptable to store Cryo at room temperature on a platelet agitator. I can't find anything saying that they cannot be agitated.
  11. Hello, We are getting an Ortho Vision installed today. I am wondering how many of you run Panel A and B on your Vision? Why or why not? I also would like to know if anyone has a policy to incubate w-1+ IGG gel card reactions on antibody screens and panels for > 15 mins. Our policy which was already in effect when I became the manager is to reflex < 1+ reactions to a 40 min incubation. I don't think this is necessary and would like to discontinue the policy especially with the new Vision. I would like to see what others are doing. Bev Meadows
  12. Does anyone have departmentalized blood bank for all three shifts? If so how many do you staff, how do you cover call offs, vacations, etc.? My current staffing is 2 techs on dayshift, 2 techs on afternoon shift, and 1 tech on midnight shift.
  13. Does anyone use SOFT TX for blood administration? I am using Softbank and I would like to know how it works with Soft TX. Does anyone use e-forms for blood administration?
  14. This is how we report them. As long as they have received Rhogam in the past 3 months.
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