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  1. Please request a data conversion service! SCC Soft may be able to suggest a company that can discuss the conversion of the data already stored at your site. We are currently working on a similar project. Manual entry of historical data is not an option. Patient safety ! Conversion is pricey but who cares if it saves 1 life. My favorite quote "one error can cost the facility a life"
  2. I forgot to mention the "usual"...Daily Qc(tube/PeG) is performed by day and evening shift.(rotating racks). Volume of reagent is evaluated (keep/discard) prior to shift testing. Echo is available with QC(although QC is good for 24 hours). I find it wasterful to QC every vial!!! Anyone from PA that knows why we do this? (I can't find the code, but apparently Pa requires "each bottle" of each lot"
  3. Is anyone QC'ing every vial from the lot they receive (opening "a" bottle even though it is from the lot)! We do and I would like to stop! Imagine the savings!
  4. Is anyone aware of a current or forthcoming standard or requirement that states:" the expiration date/time of the blood product being transfused SHALL be on the transfusion tag/label as well as the blood product itself"? It is a question that came up while we are in the process of revising some of our forms. Any comments are welcome. In a side note, this info may be beneficial to the transfusionist while performing bedside checks, but is it necessary?
  5. We are currently having a discussion regarding the" expiration" of the PAT T/S. We expire the sample at midnight(2359) on the the day of the surgery (unless the sample is already within 72 hours and would not expire until a later date OR there is a special circumstance postop that would allow the tube to be used until "AM" routine collection"). Does anyones else have an opinion on this subject? We like to collect a new sample the morning following the procedure for easier record keeping and consistency with "the other patients" rules. All opinions are welcomed. Thanks for your input!
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