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    So when you guys say for each method-- your techs are actually doing the physical work up? I'm asking because before I took over as BB Super, we were just getting panels already filled out with reactions, and we ID'd the AB. I'd like for all of us BB techs to be proficient as possible, but I don't think the previous method worked out real well. Any suggestions are much appreciated.
  2. How often is everyone doing antibody ID competencies with their blood bank techs? One a year? Two?
  3. Daily Reagent QC requirements

    We keep 3% screening cells as well as our 0.8% screening cells. Most of the time our 3% screening cells suffice; however, on occasion, we find a cell negative for the anti-sera we're using on one of our panels or expired panels. Hope that helps!
  4. Nurse Collections for Blood Bank

    Oh, our phlebs are too. However, I think if the tube is already drawn, they are more apt to use it rather than have a little integrity and restick the patient while there are 2 people to positively ID the patient. Unfortunately, I can't prove that with physical proof. Although, our phlebs are also very good at ratting out each other . lol.
  5. Nurse Collections for Blood Bank

    Unfortunately, that policy is here to stay until we switch to cerner and the phlebs can scan an armband as another positive patient identifier.
  6. So, at my facility, we have phlebotomists who collect about 98% of our samples. On occasion, a nurse will be generous and help them out. Our BB policy for armbands states that 2 members of the staff have to be present to positively identify a patient before the sample is collected. Both initials must be on the tube and armband. We always seem to have issues with nurses drawing pink top tubes in L&D and the ER for BB testing, but they don't follow procedure. They leave the tubes for our phlebotomists to use. And I'm betting 9/10, they do and put their initials with the nurse that drew it...but not at the correct time and 2 people not being there. My questions are: Does anyone else have this issue? and What do you do to resolve it?
  7. CAP Alternative Assessments-Help!

    I'm sorry to be so green, but where can I find this communication?
  8. CAP Alternative Assessments-Help!

    I have emailed CAP for clarity, but I haven't received a response. I may give them a call on Tuesday when I'm back in the lab to get a quicker response.
  9. So, I asked this questions in another forum, but I'm going to try it here as well to see if I can get anyone to bite. With CAP, according to the Laboratory Activity Menu for Blood Bank, an alternative assessment is required for RBC antigen typing. It also states that " for activities requiring alternative assessment, labs can use PT provided by the CAP or other providers." Is this saying that we can count the antigen typing we do with the BB surveys as an alternative assessment as long as we get what the greater percentage of everyone else got when they did the same survey?
  10. Hello!

    Hi! I'm Beth, and I'm a newbie Blood Bank Technical Specialist. I heard this was a pretty happening place to get the dish on all things Blood Bank! haha. I will have many questions... so there's your warning I welcome all input, advice, words of wisdom. Feel free to help a sister out! Have a great day!
  11. Hello All, For CAP, what is everyone doing for Antigen Typing Alternate Proficiency testing? For my facility, CAP says an alternative assessment is required for this. Would the ungraded part of the J-A where we actually do antigen typing suffice for this requirement as long as our % is >98%? Side Note: I'm a newbie BB Tech Spec that will take any and all advice, recommendations, helpful hints, suggestions, and words of wisdom. Also, feel free to send cookies