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  1. We do not unless the patient has Anti-K. Darzalex is just a transient interfering substance. If there is no DTT neutralization required and no antibody detected, it is not necessary. Plus, I don't see how I can charge for the antigen typing in that scenario. I think that risks fraudulent billing.
  2. I agree with David. Pick-up slips information and blood orders are all electronic and maintained in the LIS or the donor centers order website. CAP requires 10 years for blood and inventory inspection records, which includes shipping documents, since they usually contain a message about shipping, storage, and inspection.
  3. BB.rick, I would have no problem retiring the card system in your case provided that you are regularly (daily) downloading a copy of the records to a secure, accessible file for downtime. Also, make sure all staff know how to access that data for prolonged downtime. There is no reason to have a card system with Meditech. BTW, my previous position was in a place where the manager refused to stop using the card system. It was mainly because they were not familiar with how to access the information during Meditech downtime. Even when shown how, they still refused. It is still in use today at
  4. In the USA, there is an extreme shortage of techs that are blood bank competent. The ones who are are working regular overtime to fill in the shifts to provide 24/7 coverage. They are normally working at least two jobs. The field is facing a crisis as these techs who are qualified are now retiring. We just lost two of our best this year and are struggling to keep the younger, promising techs in the field. I'm afraid you won't really have a choice soon. You will have to take what you can get tech-wise and train them as best you can.
  5. You cannot use E2121 for all of them. Each of those frozen products have a corresponding thawed 24hour and a thawed 5 day plasma code of their own. You have to use those. We go straight from frozen to 5 day thawed so we only use those two. Here is a screen shot of our database.
  6. CAP competency requirement is labor intensive, regardless of how you document. I have been trying to put more on their competency assessment tool they offer. Setting that up alone is labor intensive. It is the number 1 cited issue of most labs in America. It is not that we are not competent, of course. We have a hard time showing it the way CAP wants it. It really requires a full time QA position just to keep up with the competencies of all the staff in every department.
  7. We use the BCTA (Barcode Enabled Transfusion Administration) module in Meditech.
  8. We just switched to the MaxQ MTP coolers and love them! My validations showed it held temps for 24 hours, even when opening the lid every 15 minutes for the first 2 hours and hourly after that. Plus, we filled the cooler with warm FFP (4 units @37C) and cold RBC (4 units @4C). The cooler cooled down the FFP units to 6C within 3 hours. The RBC'S never went above 5C.
  9. We use 1-6 for coolers, however, the BT-10 only shows breach above 10 so, there's that. We place a NIST certified thermometer in the cooler to show that it is 6 or below upon return. We do not scan these units with the temp gun. It's 1-10 for anything returned not in a cooler.
  10. We use one from Fisher. It is certified and we replace it every 2 years when the certificate expires. I am curious, for those who have the 15 minute limit, did you validate that in all scenarios in your hospital?
  11. I believe he is asking about blood grouping. That is what the title of the message suggest, "Use of Negative Control in Blood Grouping." I'm so confused.
  12. I don't follow. Like you said, all the available automated platforms incorporate a monoclonal control in blood typing. Are you suggesting removing the monoclonal control from the blood grouping test on automated platforms?
  13. We use MEDITECH MAGIC 5.6.7. Long ago, we started entering our Immucor Cell Panel lots into the QC function, along with the individual donor cell reactions. Over the years, our database has grown to where, every month, we only have to enter 1 or 2 new donor cell, out of the 16 on the panel, into the database when entering the new months donor panel. When we have a Passive D, we enter the cell reactions from the panel in the antibody ID field, which stores the reactions indefinitely in MEDITECH. That allows us to not have to keep the antigrams for passive D's. Everything is in the computer and
  14. Though it's not FDA, this webinar was put out by CAP and may be helpful addressing issues of data security and ways of submitting. https://www.cap.org/calendar/virtual-cap-inspections-two-laboratories-shared-perspectives CAP Virtual Inspection Webinar
  15. What methodology are you using? Are you using tube reactions, Gel technology, or solid phase? If tube, what enhancement medium: PEG, LISS, Albumin? My vote is for an auto antibody, either cold or warm. I would doubt that these are antibodies against high frequency antigens showing up in the proportions you describe.
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