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  1. Hello, thanks for your post. Anything is possible every single time we administer blood products. I agree with Neil, especially on the patient's history inquiry. I would be more concerned about other infectious bugs, than with possible rare reactions due to IgA deficiencies, and even then, I am not too concerned. At this point, an injection of CCP and prayers are in order. Patients are responding. Good day.
  2. Dearest Malcolm, THANKS for all that you do.
  3. Hello. We also use the Echo (Liss) as primary method, and PEG tube testing as secondary method. For crossmatch through Coombs, we use PEG as potentiator. Forgive me, for I have been in the business 3 decades next month. The use of current terminology, I am still working on. cottonball
  4. Hi StevenB. Thanks for your input. The last time I prewarmed anything was about nine years ago. Prewarm techniques are not performed as much anymore in the hospital setting. However, every TS I have been a part of still has an SOP for it. In the past 10 years I have not had a whole lot of solid Blood Bankers (very slim pickings). New techs are afraid, older techs do not want to change with evidence-based anything. Yes. I agree on being strict. My techs will probably tell you that I am strict (very, very strict) in how we practices. Also, I have never heard my reference family (ARC
  5. Oh! In reference to calling HLA antibodies, after ruling out the common clinically significant antibodies to antigens on panel cells with confidence, we would still call for example, possible Bg, possible low prevalence, non-specific, etc. Our IRL does not want these, and will guide techs when needed.
  6. In my decades of hospital transfusion services, I like to say that I grew up surrounded by some of the most competent, highly-skilled blood bankers who performed every test in the books. In the hands of the right folk, and that applies to any test/method, pre-warm, like any other technique can be performed with confidence. Just my thoughts. I know the detection and id of antibodies have been missed in our BB/TS world, but I have always been comfortable with the prewarm technique. When you suspect, pre-warm, and can then see clearly the anti-E pattern, this use to be gratifying. In 20
  7. I have to say, all of the questions and answers here are great. I get calls from my techs who are very fearful of those least incompatible/compatible reactions on crossmatch, even after our reference buddies have detected no underlying alloantibodies. I appreciate Malcolm's care in saying "in the right hands". Competency and proper training is everything. I fell in love with antibodies/antigens/panels/elution/adsorptions.. 26 years ago as a student. However, today I (hospital TS) trust and rely heavily on the expertise of our reference family. Have even delivered chocolates to them
  8. Hello fellow MLS/MT/CLS, it is me (Cottonball).  I would like to ask for your input in a very important laboratory survey on the topics of being valued, turnover intent, and retention in the workplace.  Please allow 5 minutes to deposit your contributions and be heard.  Through Survey Monkey, this project is anonymous and voluntary. Your input is very much needed in order to assist laboratories in attracting, recruiting, and retaining quality MLS/MT/CLS professionals.  I sincerely appreciate your time. 

    Kind regards,



  9. I will be attending Sunday and Monday. It would have been nice to have some "Pathlabtalk" t-shirts, water bottles, sunglasses or something to easily recognize you good people. I will check back in tomorrow. Hilton properties near the convention center are nice, so are the breads and wine.
  10. Hello all, a bit late, but if everyone did everything right every time, we would still have < 100 % safety rate. Having said that, I am not comfortable with the added guess work of not knowing whether or not those units of rbcs were taken out of the appropriate temperature/OR regfrig for who knows how long (ooops!!!) and then returned to Blood Bank, deemed ok. I am big on being a good steward of company's $$$, and unnecessary wastage makes my stomach hurt . However, the patient's safety is my ONLY concern here. Forgive me, but I do not see how the charts, monitors, and alarms can tell
  11. Thank you Terri, I have given up on my new facility. I am trying to narrow down to one problem (GAP) in the hospital transfusion service. The culture has changed so much in my 25 years in the business. In the past 7 years where I've worked, there were ongoing staffing problems in this critical department, as opposed to the general lab, so I am researching what others are doing to have a successful program of training and retaining competent technologists, and what I can do differently to achieve the same results. As you can probably detect, I am struggling. However, my focus keeps taki
  12. Wow! You all get to get Malcolm Needs live and direct? What about the West Coast?
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