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  1. Yes, they are reliable. I can send you our SOP. Send me your email.
  2. Yes, the same unit. once it is hung it is good for 4 hrs. No need to use a new blood product. limit donor exposure.
  3. if you give me your email. I can share ours.
  4. if you send me your email. I can send you our re-validation SOP
  5. The Dr. will stop the transfusion and administer benadryl an resume transfusion. we do not perform a Transfusion reaction work up, we only document the reaction for our data.
  6. Does your institution participate in NHSN Hemovigilance program. What is the pros and cons? If you don't mind can you share the SOP/document you might have. Thanks
  7. No need to keep. We shred them right away.
  8. Raycell users. How fern do you backup the irradiator data.? Do you transfer the Irradiation data from the flash drive to PC frequently? Thanks
  9. Positive DAT does not disqualify from being eligible for electronic crossmatch. The requirement for electronic crossmatch are listed on AABB standard.
  10. Not yet. it is too complicated. We find the paper is easier.
  11. It should be based on what is written in your SOP. For me, big K can be rule out using one heterozygous. It does not show dosage.
  12. Have you looked into the possibility of patient having low incident antibody? Low incident antibody are usually picked up during crossmatch.
  13. We would like to know how you document mom sample to transfuse patient under month old? Where do you enter the antibody result from the mom?
  14. Question for hospitals that uses cerner PathNet, How do you associate mom sample to perform XM on neonates? If you don't mind Please share your your workflow or SOP/ Thanks'
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