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  1. How often does this issue come up, and do you only recognize it when the typing is discrepant?
  2. Non-RBC products can rely on a historical type on file. If there isn't a type on file, that's when you would require an indated specimen to test for issue (otherwise you would have to consider emergency releasing).
  3. Do racks even exist that allow units to be laid flat? Without any sort of holder, I feel like they could easily slide off each other, off shelves, and rub condensation onto other labels; overall make it fairly difficult to leaf through.
  4. A log sheet is the most simplistic form of cross-communication that is fairly effective as long as all staff participate. Where I'm at, anything that takes longer than a sentence to verbally explain is usually followed up by someone saying: "write it on the shift report." It really only has to be in a box/table format, nothing outlandish. Can include spots for bleeders, expiring products, inventory, special instructions, etc.
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