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  1. We just got a brand new Hettich and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to program it so that it is easy to switch between 15 seconds and 45 seconds of spin time. There is a manual with it , but it's so complicated to me that I just can't figure it out.
  2. Jumping in years later. Has anyone heard of the Blood Bank being responsible for keeping the Refusal form and documenting refusal in the EMR or Blood Bank Record? As a patient who refuses, it is my believe that there should not be an electronic Blood Bank record on said patient.
  3. Hi everyone- We are a bit late to the game here - we had been keeping our thawed FFP at 24 hour expiration date and now with the Convalescent Plasma build I wanted to have it expire in 5 days - well the reason why we never went to 5 day originally was that it required some sort of FDA registration to do so? Can anyone update me as to the process to convert from 1 day to 5 days other than the obvious LIS build out, labels etc - is there an FDA requirement still? Thank you!
  4. Has anyone written an SOP for Convalescent Plasma? I am reluctant to do so, although we are enrolled in a study and the product is built in our LIS, because it is not approved by the FDA. Plus we have no patients with Covid and I doubt this late in the outbreak we will be using it. I guess I should reword my question - has anyone NOT written an SOP for this product? thank you.
  5. No, HCPCS is a Medicare billing code. From what I know the product is free right now so no billing codes.
  6. No, the Red Cross in our area is hosting a telephone conference about this. Is this a new build and will it be a blood bank product or a pharmacy product?
  7. Thank you David. I think I am going with the Drucker.
  8. Here is our procedure for dry ice. Safe Handling of Dry Ice v2.docx
  9. I second this question - my trusty old Clay Adams just died and was deemed unrepairable. Does anyone have a favorite since I have to purchase a brand new blood bank serofuge?
  10. I have a question - can hospitals go on lockdown and keep employees from leaving?
  11. End result: As I reread the thread I made an error - the Pathologist was the new "Medical Director" of the laboratory, we have a different person (MedTech) who is the Laboratory Director. Sorry about that. The problem resolved when the off site Pathologist resigned, and a new Pathologist who remains on site full time took the job - he will not be asking that we email photos of cells :)
  12. Hi, Could anyone please share the most recent (2016?) AABB guidelines for transfusion of RC's, platelets and FP? Or your own hospital's guidelines? We have a new Medical Director and he quickly pointed out that our criteria are out of date, apparently the platelet level has dropped to 5 instead of 10? Thank you!
  13. Hi Blood Bankers, Rumor has it that the FDA has issued Final Guidance for the Psoralen pathogen inactivated platelets. Has anyone seen a copy? Maryann
  14. I should correct my statement above and I used my own scripts for the Electronic XM validations also.
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