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  1. Training new employees

    Document, document, document. I have had several employees who were hired by the evening shift and expected to work in blood bank (generalists) who were totally unsuitable to work in blood bank. Fortunately management listened. It helps to have a very involved Medical Director.

    Love it. And, snow flakes too. Especially needed. We are in the middle of a computer upgrade.
  3. Transfusion Tag

    **REVISED** 08/21/2017 TRM.41350 Compatibility Label/Tag Phase II A compatibilityBefore issuance, a label or tag including the following information is securely attached to each blood or component unit before issuance, and it remains attached until completion of the transfusion.: ● NOTE: A label or tag must be securely attached to every unit before issuance and remain attached untilIdentification of the transfusion is completed. The label must include appropriaterecipient with two patient and donor identifiers ● Blood (or component) unit identifier ● Recipient and donor blood groups, andtypes ● Interpretation of crossmatch testing interpretations.tests, where applicable ● Donor unit expiration date and time (as applicable) ● Special transfusion requirements (if warranted)
  4. Acceptable glass tubes for blood bank testing

    Has anyone received a reply from any vendor as to why the disclaimer? Found this: http://nowiknow.com/the-war-against-pyrex/ ....For decades, Pyrex was made of borosilicate glass, a special type of glass in which boron oxide is added to the mix. The added boron allows Pyrex to handle heat much better than typical glass, ... As a result, the drug trade needed to find another way to obtain borosilicate glass.... An uptick in theft from an unlikely place. As PopSci so eloquently notes, “[the crack-making] industry was forced to switch from measuring cups purchased at Walmart to test tubes and beakers stolen from labs.” First it was the scales and balances now test tubes!!!
  5. Did we find out if we can get blood collected in glass bottles? Are they still manufactured? I haven't seen drawn blood that way since 1968! It is an open system since the needle does not come attached to the bottle.
  6. Format: Abstract Send to J Allergy Clin Immunol. 1978 Jul;62(1):30-2. Allergy to a product(s) of ethylene oxide gas: demonstration of IgE and IgG antibodies and hapten specificity. Dolovich J, Bell B. Abstract Patient D.H., on chronic hemodialysis, developed severe allergic reactions after exposure to articles such as plastic tubing and hemodialysis supplies which had undergone cold sterilization with ethylene oxide (EO) gas. It was shown that human serum albumin (HSA) exposed to EO (EO-HSA) in the usual sterilization procedure selectively elicited positive skin tests and in vitro histamine release. It is now demonstrated that D.H. serum reacts selectively in a radioallergosorbent test (RAST) which utilizes discs coated with HSA and exposed to EO gas. In addition, D.H. serum contained IgG antibodies reactive with EO-HSA. This antibody activity was not detected in the sera of 27 normal subjects and 25 chronic hemodialysis patients. EO-HSA and ragweed RAST inhibition tests with a number of proteins in native form and after exposure to EO demonstrated the EO hapten specificity of the IgE antibody
  7. FDA reportable Question

    Are you selecting from a list in the computer? If so, can you make it a requirement that the unit has to be bar code scanned into the issue program?
  8. missing serum reactivity, or apparent change in blood type following hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.Under those circumstances, your procedures should provide for compatibility testing using serologic crossmatch techniques." I haven't worked on the bench for a long time. Have I missed something? I fail to see how a serologic crossmatch technique will provide any meaningful information about compatibility if there is "missing serum reactivity".
  9. Electronic Temperature Monitoring

    FDA usually says to follow manufacturers instructions.
  10. Sunquest Billing - Irradiation

    You can use the pop up box that comes up after you issue the product.
  11. Charging for washed, irradiated, leuko-reduced platelets

    I do not see one on the 2016 list.
  12. Antibody Screen before Issuing RhIg

    This is from The Joint Commission 2011. I don't think it has changed, but, I don't have the latest edition of the Laboratory Accreditation Program for Blood Transfusion Service. "The laboratory has written policies and procedures for the blood transfusion service that are consistent with AABB standards."
  13. specimen labels

    Big brother is watching!
  14. ISBT ZT410 printer

    Is your printer only 203 dpi. Ours are 300 dpi. I am looking at the manual. It says accepted value for ZT410 Print Width 203 dpi = 0002 to 832. I don't see anything about max for label length.