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    I am a MLS(ASCP)SBB working for a blood bank in America. Ask me anything about blood bank stuff if you like, I will try to answer your questions.
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  3. My Chinese is a bit rusty, but if I am not mistaken, the underlined sentence states that we need to wash cord blood at least once before testing. Sorry, I am just kidding, I don't know any Chinese, I just read Yan's explanation.
  4. I doubt it. We QC our saline in duplicate every day. Thank you for your input.
  5. Yes, I was thinking wharton jelly too. This was a cord blood sample. Thank you
  6. I know this post is about 15 years old, but I recently came across a similar issue. I have always done DATs in tubes. But currently switched to gel. I am use to washing the cells when I do a DAT. I find it kind of odd that the package insert for the IgG cards doesn't include washing in it's procedure. Do anyone know exactly why? The insert said just to straight add 10uL of packed cells to 1.0 mL of your MTS diluent to get your 0.8% cell suspension. I got a weak positive reaction on a baby cord blood. I decided to wash the cells and the reaction came out stronger. Then I repeated this 2 more times and got similar results (see picture). All controls were negative. Has anyone experienced this ? And can I get your thoughts on this matter? Thank you so much, please have a nice day.
  7. Not sure why is this very hard, maybe I am missing something. The patient is informed about the transfusion and all the risks involved and then they give or not give their consent. It is very hard in Ohio for the provider to get a consent form signed?
  8. Several years ago, I met one patient with a card, She showed it to me when I drew her blood for a type and screen. I think she had Jka. She had no history and was visiting from out of town. Her physician recommended for her to keep her card on her person. First time I ever saw such a card.
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