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  1. Verbal orders for blood

    Do you place the order under LAB under "enter requisitions" or under "Order Entry"?
  2. AuntiS, here's a screen shot of our enter units. The only difference is at the bottom under date of use. We have "product integrity OK?" and it is a required field. My IT guy says he thinks it is an NPR from Meditech. Maybe they have to do it, unless you have an IT guy that knows a lot about Meditech.
  3. AuntiS, we have magic also, 5.67, but the field I mentioned has been there for a long time. How do you do a screen shot? I can get it in a word document, so I could just attach it, but I wanted to paste it directly.
  4. I'm not sure how ours is set up differently, but we have to enter a Y or N on "product integrity OK?". We can't get past it, like the volumes on FFP or PPH. I could ask our IT guy if he knows how to make it mandatory.
  5. Consultation Charges for Antigen Typing

    Yes, we charge for all units, positive or negative, we type looking for antigen negative units. Obviously we don't type 10 units to find 1 K-negative unit, but base the number typed on the compatibility percentage. We are lucky to have a historical antigen database from our blood supplier, but sometimes we have to "wing" it and just grab a bunch from the shelf and type away!
  6. Cord Blood Testing

    Same here, but we only do about 400 a year and I have bigger fish to fry!
  7. Alarm for Reagent Refrigerator

    We use Isensix.
  8. The only time we would dilute antibody screening or panel cells would be to use the cell as a rule out cell for antibody ID. On in date cells we would not do QC, as it is not required for antibody identification per CAP.
  9. saline probe

    Thanks, both Scotts! I will try to "jerry rig" something!
  10. Just like for an anti-M that either did or did not react at 37.
  11. saline probe

    Does anyone have a source for a probe for BB saline that allows the cube to sit upright? The probe would aspirate from the bottom and you wouldn't need to tilt the cube when it gets low. Thanks in advance!

    Thanks! We've calibrated them ourselves forever, and it is a timeconsuming pain, but I'm hoping to find someone on the west coast. Don't want to pay for travel from the east coast! LOL!

    We were getting ready to send our pipettes out for calibration again and found out the company doesn't do them in house anymore and couldn't get us a quote. What companies do you use for pipette calibration? I'm on the west coast, so would prefer something close. Thanks!
  14. Softbank and A plasma

    We have Meditech and the only way we can issue A plasma if it is incompatible is through emergency release. It sounds like most systems are similar.
  15. high or increased risk form

    Mabel, ours is a little different than our emergency release, in that the provider has to sign it prior to issuance of the blood. We even had to create an order in patient keeper, which is our electronic provider ordering system, in case the provider was at home and too lazy to come in and sign it... We also added the comment that the provider needed to discuss the additional risk with the patient. I've attached a copy. HIGH RISK TRANSFUSION FORM.doc