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  1. If we do a Peg crossmatch should we bill for 37 also? We are checking for hemolysis at 37 and recording negative if no hemolysis is present. We are currently billing for IS and AHG only.
  2. Does your facility irradiate their own blood? What kind of irradiator do they use? Have you had any problems or concerns? Are there special regulations attached to using an irradiator?
  3. At our facility, we had two units that were crossmatched for a patient. The tech issued the first unit in computer but gave the 2nd unit to the nurse for transfusion. The nurse transfused the 2nd unit but the first unit was showing issued in the computer. The unit and paperwork all matched and the correct patient received the unit without harm but am I required to report to FDA due to computer discrepancy of wrong unit showing issued in computer? We corrected the computer part and the patient received the other unit of blood the next day. I did counsel the tech and show him how to issue by unit number so that this will not happen again. Please give me your thoughts.
  4. What testing is your facility going to do for the secondary bacterial testing for platelets (blood transfusion services) that the FDA is requiring? It states that the transfusion facility will be required to do secondary bacterial testing prior to transfusion of platelets.
  5. So, if our blood supplier uses the pathogen reduction system we (blood transfusion service) will not be required to do secondary bacterial testing?
  6. What test is your transfusion service going to do for the secondary bacterial testing that is being required by the FDA?
  7. I am interested in information about electronic crossmatch. Is you facility currently performing electronic crossmatch? Have you had any transfusion reactions with electronic crossmatches and if so, What kind of reaction?
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