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  1. Hi, I’m back. Can you send me your email and I can send you what I have. Just be aware that they are at least 10 years old. Barbara
  2. It was a ransomeware attack. All the data was electronically backed up daily. Just imagine backing up on a flash drive (for those of you who do) then having no computer to plug it into! We thought we had all bases covered, then this happens. Do you back up your backup? And the backed up backup? To go back to paper files would require a whole room to hold everything. be warned! If it happened to us, it can happen to you! we had no access to any pc’s or LIS or HIS. this was a nightmare, but also a learning experience.
  3. The data is backed up, but we are not allowed to use flash drives and can’t access any computers! The paper filing cabinets took up too much space, so everything went electronic. Nothing is accessible. Not the LIS, not the pc’s, nothing!
  4. Ok, so my facility is in the middle of a massive computer downtime. No electronic records can be accessed, not even the patient backup/history file. ABO confirmations are still required, I imagine, but in this type of situation, would we just require a second specimen on everyone? (I think I already know the answer). Has anyone else been in this situation and how did you handle it?
  5. I have a study guide from the 2006 AABB annual meeting. PM me your email if you would like a copy.
  6. I can send you some old study guides from AABB if you message me your email. Barbara
  7. Hi, I have study guides from the 2006 AABB meeting if you would like. I know they’re old, but better than nothing. If you’re interested, message me your email.
  8. I am the blood bank supervisor in a 233 bed acute care facility. I am a working supervisor. We are not a trauma center. Most days, I am the only blood banker on the shift, so there is no one to call. If I am lucky, the chemistry tech might be available to help. I can also get the manager to issue blood, but that's all. We rarely have MTPs - a ruptured AAA or OB bleed, but they are few and far between.
  9. I have an AABB study guide from 2006 if you want to message me your email.
  10. I did an online program while working 3 jobs. Its a lot of work. Check aabb.org; they have a listing of programs out there. Some are on site, some on line. For the most part, it's a 12 month program, so there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you really want it, you'll find a way to do it.
  11. We don't retest because we do not have the antisera. So far we have not had any issues. We only stock Rh, K, FyA and JkA.
  12. I believe there is a Rapid Start section in Bridge? We do have a paper downtime form, and if cerner is not down, we reprint the unit issue tag (ours is a label) and stick it on the form. We rarely have to use these, as the nurses have been told they must use bridge. Or iView if they can't get into Bridge. We also have an emergency release form that the physician has to sign and return to the blood bank before we give them anything. It helps that we are right next to the ED. We do have issues where I can't find any documentation in PowerChart except maybe in the Notes section (not appropriate), and when I see this, I notify a clinical systems analyst in IT to retrain the nurses. Not sure if this answers your question.
  13. I just sent you copies from the 2007 AABB meeting.
  14. AABB has a study guide with questions. I found it quite useful.
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