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  1. patient with MDS, his Rh pheno is R1R1 , antibody screen positive against all screening cell (3 cells), antibody identification shows anti- E and probably anti-c. his DAT positive for IgG and C3d, elution shows different strength panreactivity against all cells. does alloadsorption for plasma can help to see if there is any antibody missed? and can eluate be adsorbed like plasma ?
  2. If RhD typed weak positive with anti D at immediate spin, does this reaction required IAT (Du test) or only when the typing is negative at the immediate spin then IAT required ?!
  3. So the best answer to choose is A. Thanks everyone
  4. Lab supervisor has bad attitude and so aggressive with his staff, the staff sent email to the lab director explaining the situation with their supervisor. Which of the following answers would be the best action from the lab director: A/ Lab director should request for meeting with staff. B/ Lab director should request meeting with supervisor. 3/ lab director should request meeting with staff and supervisor together. Your Feedback, Opinion and answer will be highly appreciated.
  5. Kindly see atached picture for question. I want to know how to answer this question and what is the correct answer. Thank you for help.
  6. Thank you so much Dear Okie and Barb.
  7. Hello, can anyone send me SBB review he has and also AABB review for SBB exam ? my email: Gibrahim283@gmail.com thanks alot and appreciate your help.
  8. Welcome to the forums Ghandi :)

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