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  1. Good morning friends! I hope everyone is doing well! I am hoping this is an easy question - I am trying to discard some older documents (using the AABB and CAP requirements). I have found some old audits and I wondering if they fall under the 5 or 10 year mark. I was categorizing them under my Quality system review/management and using the 5 year retention time. Does this sound right? What do others do? Thank you everyone!!
  2. Hello everyone! Just looking for some advice - we are replacing older Echos with 3 new Echos. The machine itself and testing methodology is the same - the only difference is the instrument is now white and purple. The last validation I did when we received new Echos ... I think I went overboard with the number of samples I ran for each test. Any advice on the number of samples for validation of instruments that are the same in all aspects of testing - just newer models? Thank you!! Sara
  3. Hi everyone! I am writing a procedure for making aliquots from platelet pheresis units - I had done this a lot at my prior institution and I need a policy/procedure for my current hospital since we have a rather large NICU. Does anyone have any references/CFRs/CGMP that can help me or procedures they can share? Thank you!! And have a great weekend! S
  4. Hello friends! Quick (and maybe simple) question: how long do we have to keep staff communications (memos that I have them read and sign) or revised policies i put out for them to read and sign? I know there is a standard for approval of revisions and new policies by the medical director but I can't seem to find one about staff review Thanks! Sara
  5. Good Morning Friends I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! I wanted to know if anyone has had a transfusion reaction symptom of tongue numbness along with hives and what was your pathologist's opinion on it. This patient received a platelet pheresis unit and, immediately after, was receiving a red cell unit and the hives started with the numbness after about a small amount. I just wanted to get some feedback about this type of reaction. Allergic seems good for the hives but the tongue numbness doesn't fit? Also - could a Psoralen platelet cause something like this? Apparently, there was some swelling of the lips so i am now going in the direction of anaphylaxis Thank you in advance!! Everyone is always so helpful! S
  6. Does anyone know the exact HCPSC code for this product? We have a charge from our center and we want to get a code in the computer. Thanks
  7. Hi everyone! Quick and, hopefully, easy question - are there any contradictions to giving PAS C platelets to a neonate? Haven’t had a lot of experience with PAS and I was hoping I could get more information from my BB friends Thanks! sara
  8. Hi everyone! I need some help/ideas today so where else to go but to my friends on here . A neonate front typing AB + but the Anti-A is 1+ and the Anti-B is 4+. Both of these were done on heel samples (different draws)and both washed. I know using Lectin is not ideal because of the weaker expression of antigens on the red cells. Anyone have any ideas on what I can possible do to try and clear up the reactions or help come to a conclusion? Any advise and knowledge is appreciated. Thank you!
  9. Hi friends! I just wanted to get a feel for what different labs are using. We have the Echo and Neo (new) and have been using LISS for screens and xm. I am switching to using PEG because Immucor says it is the best to use when having the machines. What does everyone else use out there? I hope everyone is having a great summer! I look forwards to hearing from you - hopefully I can get on here more and give more input of my own! Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone!! I hope everyone is doing well! I wanted to get a feel for which systems everyone uses to monitor their temperatures in their labs. Have you had more than one and did you like one over the other? Any recommendations? Thanks everyone! Sara
  11. Hi everyone!! I hope everyone is doing well! I wanted to get a feel for which systems everyone uses to monitor their temperatures in their labs. Have you had more than one and did you like one over the other? Any recommendations? Thanks everyone! Sara
  12. Thank you Malcolm! We have done an exchange on the baby but now I am completely confused - one of my seasoned techs just did a quick few D+ cells on mom and she is getting barely weak reactivity. Needless to say - a redraw is happening.
  13. Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a nice summer! I have a confusing scenario going on. I have a mom who received 2 doses of Rhogam (one for spotting and the other at 28 weeks) and upon delivery, I am picking up a strong Anti-D on the baby's cells and I did a titer on mom and it is 1:512. Anyone ever experience something like this before? I deal with a lot of Rhogam and this is a first for me . Thanks!
  14. Gotcha! Thanks! I wasn't asking myself enough questions like that - very helpful!
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