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  1. EDibble


    That was my thought too.
  2. Exactly Scott, we have many patients who are "snowbirds", spending the warmer months here in New England, the head down south for the winter. We have no idea of their transfusion history away from here, and often are not very reliable upon questioning as to where / when they were transfused. Other local patients seem to like trying out different hospitals (we have about 5 within 30 minutes of each other). We sometimes call them "shoppers".
  3. Same as us Cliff, but we have a 21 day policy.
  4. Fascinating study. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Have a Very Happy Birthday Beth.

  6. I agree with Malcolm and David. Have seen this several times.
  7. I attended the MABB this Spring and sat in on this presentation. Very interesting indeed.
  8. Have you informed Immucor? They might want to research a recall. Or at the very least you might want to request some replacement strips for the "wasted" ones. How many have been wasted?
  9. It is not the lab staff I don't trust, it is other people.
  10. EDibble


    Thank you for that. I am going to save it for Lab Week next year.
  11. I totally agree. We see this here all the time. It is not a problem with the ECHO, it is usually a non specific ab reacting to either the stroma or the "glue" used to bind the stroma to the wells. We have a great flow chart now and it has cleared up 99 percent of the confusion. Beth
  12. We have been going round and round on this topic. Is there a requirement that blank anagram sheets for outdated panels be kept for any length of time? Of course I am talking about panels that have been physically discarded, not outdated ones kept for ruling out. The paper records for any patient that gets worked up and has an antibody are kept in binders if we need to refer to them in the future. FYI, we are currently CAP accredited, but not AABB. Thank you, Beth
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