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  1. Hi we are currently in the process of implementing ortho vision analysers across our health board in the UK. I was wondering if anyone who is currently a user of the instrument would mind sharing their SOP with me? Many Thanks.
  2. If you have a grouping anomaly which is suspected to be due to a cold reacting antibody, do folk set up saline cards with Coombs panel at room temp and /or 4c to help identify the antibody?
  3. We in our blood bank have sent away kleihauer positive samples for flow cytometry testing which has come back as negative as the technique looks for 'RhD Antigens' on the foetal red cells, in which case it is likely that the foetal cells are D negative and a negative flow result is returned.
  4. Hi Malcolm...it is a district general hospital blood bank, uses Diamed technology.
  5. Hi all, i have a colleague who is looking for ideas for his BSc biomedical science honours project, does anyone have any ideas? Thanks Tricia
  6. NAN47


    Hi gagpinks , i successfully passed the HSD in transfusion in 2010, so if i can be of any help feel free to get in touch! Currently waiting on my exams results from the HSD in laboratory leadership and management which are released on Friday --eekkk! Thanks Tricia
  7. That is brilliant, thanks very much Malcolm kind regards Tricia
  8. Aw that's great thanks Malcolm, sounds like a super weekend! Enjoy!
  9. Hi, Could anyone please describe to me the basic principle of the Autoanalyser for measuring anti-D levels please Thanks Tricia
  10. likewise Malcolm, always nice to put a face to a name
  11. Thanks for the responses Hi Malcolm, not sure if you remember but I spoke to you at Scotblood this year! tricia
  12. Hi , we have in the last couple of weeks had two cases of patients with anti-c , reacting with the A cells of the blood group, i have never saw this before ( only the usual cold reacting antibodies such as Anti-M etc) and was just wondering if this is something that others experience and why this is happening? The supplier has confirmed that the A cells are A neg (rr) cells. Thanks Tricia
  13. NAN47


    Hi, does anyone use a NIBSC anti-D on their blood bank automation...to demonstrate metrological traecability...? Thanks
  14. Hi , Does anyone routinely run a positive control with cross matches on analysers? The BCSH guidelines state that a positive control should be included with each cross match -and we do this for manual techniques but not on the automated technique....grateful for thoughts on this... thanks
  15. Hi all, I was just looking for people's thoughts on the use of an AB negative, antibody screen negative QC material for controlling blood bank automation. Apparently this was a recent UKAS finding that this wasn't been used. We currently use BIORAD basic QC 1 (A Neg - Anti-D ) and QC2 (B pos Anti -Fy(a) ) . Does anyone use an AB Neg/ negative QC routinely, and was looking on thoughts on why this is required over and above the two we already use? PS wasn't our UKAS inspection, but we have one pending! many thanks
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