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  1. Our policies are sent to staff every year for a refresher. Whether they really read them or just sign off is another story
  2. Can your computer system do that? Ours cannot.
  3. I agree with this if we are transfusing. We would use O= anyway. I'm talking about just the basic blood type of the baby.
  4. But the final interpretation of Rh would be positive or negative?????
  5. If you have an D=, Weak D+ neonate, do you call them Rh+ or Rh=?
  6. We keep them for the month. All documentation is in the computer.
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  7. We are a 400ish bed hospital, but our NICU usually sends the really sick babies to nearby Children's Mercy. We do not irradiate on site. We would have to get them irradiated at the blood center and the docs usually don't want to wait. I'm just trying to get information to adjust my policies since we ALWAYS have to get it out when a request comes through. Do you aliquot the unit to a syringe or send the entire unit to the NICU?
  8. For those of you that perform neonatal transfusions, what special products do you give your babies? Irradiated, CMV seronegative, Hgb S negative, any others? We give about 1 neonatal transfusion per year and our policy is really old. Just want to make sure we are giving the correct most up to date product.
  9. We had that problem with lot 134046. I contacted Technical Support and shortly after that we got a Technical Communication that we were not the only ones with the issue. It worked if we incubated at RT for a while. We stuck it out because we knew our new shipment was due in a couple of days. We got the SAME lot number!! Immucor suggested confirmation of A1 reactivity by other methods and consulting your quality department and/or medical director. We just continue to incubate at RT. When it's colder in the lab, it works better
  10. Thank you for the responses. Let me add an additional question. About 30-40% of the patients with type and screens are discharged home from the ED. Since there is really no diagnostic value to a TS, is this overuse? Some of those come to us as "trauma" and end up not being as bad as expected, so I get those. That still leaves about 25% being discharged to home. The others have an registration diagnosis of things like: altered mental status, abd pain, shaky/dizzy, shoulder pain, ETOH, N/V/D, etc..
  11. Does anybody have any data regarding how many of the type and screens ordered by the ED actually get blood products? Those products could be given in the ED or on the floor after admission. One of my ED docs is trying to determine if they are requesting type and screens appropriately. I did a 3 month retrospective review of data and only 28% of the type and screens ordered by ED actually got transfused from that specimen. Doc wants to know if that is good or if they are ordering too many type and screens. Thanks,
  12. Patient is caucasian with cirrhosis, sepsis, ARF, among other things. Not a healthy person. The patient hgb was stable in the 7s until a big drop to the 5s. Even with transfusion, the hgb was having a hard time getting up to the 7 again. So the doc ordered a DAT. I really don't believe the Anti-P1 has anything to do with his hemoglobin issues. We use the Elu-Kit to for the elution and perform tube testing with no additive. Malcolm, thank you for the powerpoint, but I can't seem to open it.
  13. Has anyone ever seen Anti-P1 eluted from RBCs? We have a patient with a negative antibody screen. The physician ordered a DAT because the hemoglobin has been dropping even with transfusion. The DAT was positive due to IgG only. Since the patient was recently transfused, an elution was performed. When the eluate was tested, the pattern fits Anti-P1, with all other clinically significant antibodies ruled out. Can it be???
  14. There is no regulation that I know of. I had a tech ask the question. I know, back in the dark ages, when we labeled blood products by hand, we documented the temp when we took the batch out of the walk-in and the temp when we put it back in. And we actually labeled whole blood IN the walk-in.
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