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  1. Patient is caucasian with cirrhosis, sepsis, ARF, among other things. Not a healthy person. The patient hgb was stable in the 7s until a big drop to the 5s. Even with transfusion, the hgb was having a hard time getting up to the 7 again. So the doc ordered a DAT. I really don't believe the Anti-P1 has anything to do with his hemoglobin issues. We use the Elu-Kit to for the elution and perform tube testing with no additive. Malcolm, thank you for the powerpoint, but I can't seem to open it.
  2. Has anyone ever seen Anti-P1 eluted from RBCs? We have a patient with a negative antibody screen. The physician ordered a DAT because the hemoglobin has been dropping even with transfusion. The DAT was positive due to IgG only. Since the patient was recently transfused, an elution was performed. When the eluate was tested, the pattern fits Anti-P1, with all other clinically significant antibodies ruled out. Can it be???
  3. There is no regulation that I know of. I had a tech ask the question. I know, back in the dark ages, when we labeled blood products by hand, we documented the temp when we took the batch out of the walk-in and the temp when we put it back in. And we actually labeled whole blood IN the walk-in.
  4. How does everyone ensure that red cell units stay within temp while receiving them into the BB inventory? Do you designate a time allowed from removal from the shipping box to placement in the refrigerator? Do you take temps somehow? Do you document anything anywhere?
  5. Circular of Information states "Transfusion should be started before component expiration and completed within 4 hours." Doesn't really specify within 4 hours of what??? I'm guessing us blood bankers interpret this to be 4 hours of issue, since it is no longer "maintained in a controlled environment".
  6. This is how our tubes are viewed for micro reactions. Issitt seems to be OK with this method.
  7. How does everyone record reactions that are only detected microscopically? Here are the versions I have seen in my various jobs and from my various techs. I am trying to get it more consistent. +/= wk+ mic+ 0m+
  8. We used the carryover validation exercise provided by Immucor when we received our instrument. No problems with CAP.
  9. We have not had the greatest experience with Aeroscout. It frequently fails to send readings even though it is still reading the temp. I don't know that I would trust it to monitor a cooler.
  10. We require a ABO/Rh specimen for the current admission.
  11. We are currently building the Bridge system for transfusion documentation. I know AABB and CAP standards require "amount transfused" to be in the patient record. Does anyone know if this is by individual unit transfused or a cumulative amount?
  12. A true trauma stat (not a drama trauma) is 60 minutes for ABSC and 35 minutes for ABO, from receipt in lab. All other stats are 65 minutes for both. We batch our cord bloods and do them every 4 hours. The nursery has it in their brain that it must be completed by then in order to treat the baby accordingly. Of course, when they don't send it down for 3 hours and miss our run time, they get mad at us.
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