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  1. We are on 2012, looking to start the upgrade process later this year. I have seen the new icons - I don't love them!
  2. Just curious why you're looking at changing from Cerner for Blood Bank? Is there a reason not to keep it? I ask this because we have Epic EMR and Cerner LIS (for the whole lab, not just Blood Bank). We haven't gone to Epic Beaker yet, but I imagine that will be in the cards in the future.
  3. Was so happy to see them and smash them yesterday!!
  4. Congratulations!! Enjoy your freedom and thanks for your involvement and expertise.
  5. We also use E3591 Thawed POOLED CRYOPRECIPITATE|None/XX/rt, because the corresponding frozen product is E3587 POOLED CRYOPRECIPITATE|None/XX/<=-18C
  6. What code level are you on in Cerner? We have Cerner, too, and issuing units in an emergency, even if the patient is unknown, shouldn't be that difficult. Bypassing the LIS and handwriting a bunch of tags is far more cumbersome.
  7. We have Epic on the hospital side and Cerner for the lab, including Blood Bank. I worked in Blood Bank for 20+ years in 2 different hospitals, both of which used Cerner, so I can't compare it to anything. I will say that it's a very good system - lots of functionality and checks and balances. As Terri indicated, a poorly built system makes all the difference. If it's built well, it rarely presents end users with any problems. Very customizable.
  8. Aubergine, We are a Cerner Millennium site also looking at interfacing blood product info with Epic BPAM. We've just started investigating it, so it sounds like you're further along than we are. There are a few threads about it in uCern. Also, we spoke with folks from St. Elizabeth's Healthcare in Kentucky - they are Millennium and have it up and running with Epic. You may want to contact them. Good luck!
  9. Thank you, Cliff!! We appreciate your efforts. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!
  10. Is anyone else missing the snow and smashable Christmas lights from last year as much as I am?
  11. I have worked with the Cerner Blood Bank module for many years and there is a ton of flexibility and functionality. As Byfaith noted, worksheet tabs in Result Entry are extremely useful. Since you're in the build phase, something else that might help is to be aware of the length/name of each DTA. The longer the name of the DTA, the wider the column in Result Entry, and the less you'll be able to see horizontally without scrolling. For example, with the ABORH, if you name your DTA's Anti-A, Anti-B, Anti-D, A cells, etc., it will take up a lot more real estate than naming them A, B, D, a, etc. Hope this helps!
  12. In our lab IT department, 4 of the 5 clinical analysts are former blood bankers, and 3 of those 4 worked in the blood bank at this hospital (myself included). So maybe we're at a bit of an advantage!
  13. Aha! We asked our ARC region to clarify whether they will truly be manufacturing the pre-pooled cyro using an open system. They informed us that they will now be using a closed system. Problem solved! Sometimes it's good to press an issue....:o:o
  14. Our supplier is ARC, South Carolina region. I'm checking with them now to verify that they will be using an open system manufacturing process.
  15. Beating hearts, at that!! Very nice, Cliff. Thank you!
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