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  1. Hello everyone. I am looking for a procedure for preparing reconstituted whole blood for neonatal exchange transfusion. Does anyone have one that you can share with me?
  2. I am moving from Immucor instruments to BIO-RAD. 3 IH-500s and 2 IH-24 readers will be installed by the end of the year.
  3. I looked it up in the ICCBBA website. E9804 = CONVALESCENT PLASMA|CPDA-1/XX/<=-18C|COVID-19
  4. We run the monoclonal control card in parallel with the poly card to catch the false positives.
  5. Hello everyone. I am working on the billing for a new LIS and I would like to know what others are doing. Do you charge CPT 36430 for all transfusions (adult and neonate) or do you use CPT 36430 for non-neonatal transfusions and CPT 36440/CPT 36450 for neonatal transfusions? 36430 – Transfusion, blood or blood components 36440 – Push transfusion, blood 2 years and under 36450 – Exchange transfusion, blood, newborn
  6. This is what I am using. Digi-Sense® Traceable® Remote-Monitoring Thermocouple Thermometers with Calibration
  7. I also use the ones from Shamrock. https://www.shamrocklabels.com/product/upcr-9111-blood-collection-antigen-testing-labels/
  8. Yes. We do not allow platelets and cryo to be transfused using the Belmont Rapid Infuser.
  9. I work at a level 1 trauma center. During trauma/MTP the Belmont Rapid Infuser is frequently used. Up to 3 units at a time (any combination of RBC/FFP) are hooked up to large diameter tubing that drains into a large reservoir. The products mix together in the reservoir rand then are rapidly infused in about 1 minute. I also agree with David's comments about making WB.
  10. I agree with Malcolm's statement about trying to preserve ABO antibodies on the cells. This made me think for a second. At my facility when we prepare eluates we use cold saline for the first wash and then cold working wash solution for the remaining washes. I looked at the Immucor Elu-Kit package insert. It has the following statement in the limitations section. The degree of dissociation of antibody that occurs during the washing procedures. This may be minimized by washing in 1° to 10°C Working Wash Solution. In most cases, satisfactory eluates can be made after washing the cells with Wash Solution at room temperature.
  11. We also use within 2 C for our freezers, and within 1 C for room temp and refrigerators.
  12. We perform tube testing for cord blood DATs. Wash cord cells once by hand washing and then make a 3-5% suspension. Place one drop of the suspension in a tube and wash 4 times in a cell washer. We don't use the microscope to read the tubes.
  13. Hi Cliff. We do 4 hours from the time the unit leaves the blood bank. We use a electronic time stamp to document this time on the blood administration tag that is attached to the unit. We teach the nurses that they have 4 hours from this time to complete the transfusion. This does not apply if we send products in a cooler.
  14. Albaugh, We also have Cerner for the whole lab. As it stands now we are being told that Cerner BB is going to be replaced because the main lab is going to Epic Beaker. I am not sure if keeping Cerner is an option for us. It is a question that I am going to ask. If we keep Cerner I want to be upgraded to the latest version. Are you using Cerner 2015? I have seen some screen shots. Looks like the application icons have a new look.
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