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  1. This was the HCPCS that the blood supplier gave me.
  2. HCPCS for liquid plasma is P9044
  3. Stocking it now!! Woot woot! Great product so far.
  4. rcracer09, we use this product and I will get that code and post for you.
  5. I am the BB lead here and we are using the product for traumas and MTPs. The liquid plasma has up to a 26 day outdate and is ready for issue with no modification. It is FDA licensed as of this June 2015 and stability of coag factors are very similar to FFP. Very nice product, sent 3 units out the door today within 5 min of the request for a GI bleed. So far, no issues. The American Red Cross blood centers are now processing this product as well as Blood Works NorthWest. American Red Cross requires a standing order. The product is approximately half the price of a unit of FFP. We pay $xx/unit. Since we have started carrying it, we have wasted about 8-12 units using only 4 so far. The challenge has been to get our docs on board with any new product or process because we also only carry A in the liquid plasma. Hope this helps.
  6. If aliquoting a unit for neonatal resuscitation at the bedside, would that syringe be required to be FDA relabeled?
  7. What is the requirement for relabeling a pediatric syringe aliquot?
  8. Called the FDA today and as long as we send the blood such as sending it to a department, obtain storage temperature records and a physician signature for the uncross matched units if they are given; we are not required to maintain an FDA registration. We will still "own" the units. Several hospitals around the states provide this service. Now for the policy building. Going to be a busy week!
  9. Looking into the requirements for such a contract and wondering if anyone out there knows a way around the FDA registration requirement for being a "distributor" of blood products in such a contract? Any information is greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi all, We are looking into a newer (2010) US FDA approved not licensed yet liquid plasma that is collected from whole blood and never frozen with up to a 26 day outdate for immediate availability. Anyone out there already using it? Would love to hear your thoughts on it and if you can find any literature that I haven't yet, please share. Thanks, BB RAT
  11. Is anyone out there using liquid plasma for this? We are strongly considering the use of the 26 day outdate never frozen liquid plasma just for our trauma and MTP patients to provider faster stability if possible. We are also a critical care access hospital in a rural community over 2 hours from our blood supplier. Thanks for any information that you can provide.
  12. So I am a new bloodbank superuser in the build phase of Cerner implementation here at our hospital. I feel frustrated with the result testing and major scrolling side to side to see patient results. I have asked about testing that is more in line with the page scripts of Sunquest or HCLL so that all patient results are viewable on one page. Does anyone have good tips and tricks that could help me iwith this and can everyone that uses Cerner please tell me what you think of the bloodbank program portion? My lab manager just told me that we are stuck with it no matter what issues I find with it. Thanks. LBiggs
  13. We just had a situation with a positive DAT on cord blood. Baby A pos and Mom A pos. I called our reference lab to see how they would work that up and they suggested that all positives on cord be retested with heal stick or venous blood first. We retested on heal stick, baby was still DAT pos. Mom has neg antibody screen. Mom most likely is creating antibody against low incident antigen that we don't have on our screening cells per our reference lab. Mom's, natural dad's and baby's blood along with ethnicity of both parents had to be sent to reference lab for work up for future pregnancies.
  14. Is this just for the donor processing facilities or are hospital transfusion services supposed to perform a check of the blood product units received from those facilities such as ARC, etc?
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