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  1. In my experience with HTLA like antibodies you usually have a feeling to go that route by the way they shake off, they are generally weaker reactions and sometimes hard to reproduce. As Malcom has stated, I have heard strong Ch/Rg antibodies that need to be diluted out to neutralize. I personally like to do a titer, and I find that antibodies to Ch/Rg usually like gel. But that's when they place nice... Hope that was helpful
  2. Thank you Malcolm. Our prenatal titer procedure calls for reading microscopic solely for the purpose of scoring, but I guess there isn't an associated score . Looks like the procedure should be updated
  3. How about microscopic reactions for scoring prenatal titers? The tech manual scoring guide has +/- as a score of 2. Would you interpret the tech manual as meaning that +/- is microscopic positive or macro weakly positive?
  4. I just answered this question. My Score PASS  
  5. Do you use Rhophylac? In the package insert it says, "Rhophylac® can contain antibodies to other Rh antigens (e.g., anti-C antibodies), which might be detected by sensitive serological tests following administration"
  6. Thank you Malcom, that was a good explanation. Its funny that you said the human eye is not always accurate because one of the blood bankers told me they eyeball it, and I said the same exact thing that you said. How do you eyeball a 0.8% suspension?!
  7. Unfortunately, yes. We recently had to register for the same reason. If you mix two different products you are essentially making a new product (or at least I was told). We even emailed AABB to confirm and they said yes.
  8. Thanks everyone! Im actually relieved bc I can just tell them not to wash and it'll be an easy fix. We do use that calculation to make the 0.8% from packed cells, the problem is that people are washing the cord blood four times in the cell washer and it doesn't leave enough red cells to get 10 microliters of true packed cells. Anorris, page 377 last paragraph.
  9. Hi All, Quick question for the gel users. We use gel as one of our back ups to our ECHO, I personally have never performed DATs in gel. At my current facility they perform only cord blood DATs in gel. I've noticed that when the techs prepare the 0.8% cell suspension they are WAY off when compared to commercially made Ortho cells (the cell button after spinning is like 1/2 the size it should be). In our procedure manual someone hand wrote in to wash the cells four times, when I grabbed the technical manual it states that the advantage to column technology is that you do not need to wash for
  10. That does help a lot! Thank you!
  11. Does anyone have any info or experience on transfusion services being involved with auto-transfusions of shed blood (Stryker)? How do you get involved or monitor? Do you work up adverse reactions etc? Any info (or being pointed in the right direction) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  12. Thanks for all the input. As of now our inventory is Quarantined with a small stock of new frozen product for emergencies. I had sent a few suspicious looking products back to the supplier to look at, and they aggreed and put them through their review process. So we are waiting to speak with them I cant imagine that being at -10 for 2 hours would thaw the product that much, but I want to be sure. Thankfully no one was transfused with any frozen product within that time period or after.
  13. Thanks all for your input. According to my blood supplier, I should be ok with a visual inspection of the units so long as they didnt look like they thawed. Nothing was said of a FDA Biologically deviation report so I will def be looking into that.
  14. Oh I can tell you why, a tech got tired of hearing the alarm and switched the key to off. Apparently there is a glitch in our freezer so when you do that the entire unit shut down. Thanks for your help
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