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  1. Thank You!

    yes, congratulations! And I know there are lots of positions out there for you!

    The entire lab department has an Artel PCS system - same as jayinsat. Easy, cheap, nice software, good printouts. Takes us about 1 hour to do all our pipettes annually. http://www.artel-usa.com/
  3. Think logically about this. The decay rate will not change. Dosimetry is verifying the irradiation map of the canister or chamber. If you have a way to verify the mechanical parts, then you should be good to go. And the indicator is the run "QC" similar to run QC that we do with testing. The most important part of the irradiator is the timer, that's what's governing the exposure.
  4. A neg OB with anti-Yta

    Oddly enough, Wisconsin seems to have lots of Yta neg donors. We had a patient a few years ago, and Community Blood Center of Appleton Wisc was able to supply us many liquid units. AABB members can use the National Blood Exchange to facilitate this. So if you do decide to have blood on hand for 4-6 weeks, give them a call.
  5. Immucor Neo Validation

    Well, think about what you're trying to do - validate the Neo technique is as good as/better than current methods. What do you do with antibody ID now? Only run Echo panels? Other than correlations, do you augment Echo results with manual tests? If you get ? Echo results, what's your process? Manual PeG or something else? Those are the things I'd validate on all methods.
  6. I'm coming back to Providence!

    Malcolm, it was lovely to meet you and hear you speak! I am now much more informed about the K system! And I loved the Henry VIII talk! Thanks Dr. Pepper for arranging Malcolm's visit. It actually was great to meet so many folks - I've come to respect you all through sharing on this site. A BIG thank you to Cliff!
  7. Neonate Transfusions

    We result Not Required, unless we actually XM with Mom. Then we result Comp with Maternal Specimen.
  8. Moved Again

    I have 2 yrs, 6 mo, 22 days...I could calculate down to the minute! Enjoy, David!
  9. 2 cell vs 3 cell screen

    As John Staley stated, inertia is the strongest force in the universe! We've been doing a manual 3 cell since we went to IS XM, same as DebbieL. And then along came 'electronic XM' (sorry Malcolm) and inertia keeps us at 3 cell. Automated methods (Neo & Tango) are both 2 cell, but those methods are more sensitive. As with lots of things in the BB, it all depends on your medical director's comfort level...
  10. platelet availablility

    We're level 1 trauma center, no donors. We use the Blood Exchange - all our blood is flown in. We are about 15 miles from the local supplier that we rarely use. Cancer care. We are about 2 miles from Cliff and several other large hospitals. We stock 5. Though we are smaller bed size than our neighbors, our trauma is busier. MTP activated at least once a month. Verax PGD testing is helping us - we can extend plts to 6 & 7 days.
  11. Secondary Bacterial Testing for Platelets

    The hell you say! Why even bother with FDA approved reagents?!?!
  12. D Molecular Testing

    We're doing pretty much the same as the majority - <1+ is presumptive Rh Neg and gets RHIG for pregnant patients. Very rarely will we send out a sample for molecular (BCW) but we have a very diverse mix of immigrants, so we do that occasionally on a case by case basis. My medical director and I agree that the cost of molecular does not justify testing on a routine basis. As David says, not worth the bang for the buck.
  13. childbearing age

    We do 50th birthday here. Or until the supply is depleted!
  14. Secondary Bacterial Testing for Platelets

    We have implemented Verax testing - only used for 6 and 7-day extension at present. If/when we are required, we can expand to 4 and 6-day platelets.
  15. CAP survey data entry

    I wish CAP would put all 1 specimen results all together, then move on to the next specimen. Doing all the ABO, then all the Rh, then ABS... THAT'S what causing all the clerical errors I've seen. We're supposed to test and report just like a patient spec - and that isn't it!