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  1. DPruden

    Temperature Indicator for RBC Units

    We validate our coolers for 6C and use 10C Safe-T-Vue's, under the assumption that if the unit is in the cooler, 6C is maintained, if it is out of the cooler it is in transport. Haven't had any problems with FDA or AABB. We tried using the 6C Safe-T-Vue indicators, but they changed before we could even issue the products sometimes.
  2. DPruden

    BB saline

    You might try a different vendor for saline. Surprisingly, many of them have different expirations.
  3. I just answered this question. My Score PASS  
  4. I just answered this question. My Score PASS  
  5. DPruden

    BloodBankTalk:Allergic Reaction

    I just answered this question. My Score PASS  
  6. The INR was never intended to predict bleeding risk, it was intended to normalize PT results from lab to lab in order to provide physicians a more standard indication of their patient's anticoagulation status. There was a good presentation at AABB by Dr. Mary Townsend about this topic in the Blood Bank Mythbusters session.
  7. DPruden

    Daily Reagent QC requirements

    Did they say where in the CFR?
  8. DPruden

    Blood Bank Software

    Don't let the Beaker/Epic people tell you that only one day of training is sufficient for SafeTrace Tx. And ask to have the Beaker training and Tx training environments interfaced because the steps are much different when the information is interfaced as opposed to being just typed into Tx. Also, have someone verify the ADT/visit setup, when we went live, Epic would send a "discharge/transfer" notice across the interface whenever the patients were moved, to OR or radiology, for example. then Tx would discharge the patient and inactivate the sample, not the most ideal scenario when a patient is going to OR... We didn't see it during the validation because the test patients stayed nicely in their rooms the whole time!
  9. DPruden

    Maximum Irradiation Dose

    thanks! I found it in the Technical Manual, both European and US references.
  10. From the fact book: the occurrence of haplotype r' (Ce) is 2% in all population groups listed (Caucasian, Black, Native Americans, Asians) haplotype r" (cE) is 1% Caucasian, 0% Black, 6% Native American,0% Asian and ry (CE) is essentially 0% in all populations, of course that includes D+ populations. r'r' and r"r" are rare across all populations. r'r is 0.8% occurrence for Caucasian, rare for Black, 0.1% for Asian. r"r is 0.9% occurrence for Caucasian, rare for Black, rare for Asian.
  11. Does anyone know if there is a maximum dose for irradiating blood products? I have looked all over the FDA/CBER website and can't find anything.
  12. DPruden

    Daily Reagent QC requirements

    We do not run a negative control unless specifically instructed to by the package insert. We use corQC and haven't had a problem, the only individual reagent that we have that even recommends a negative control is the anti-D.
  13. I was overthinking. Thanks for the feedback!
  14. DPruden

    Extending specimens past 3 days

    We do the same.
  15. I was hoping someone else could tell me how they handle proficiency testing surveys if you have different instruments. We currently have 2 ECHOs and 1 NEO, and I am in a quandary on how to do the JAT survey on both instruments without breaking the rules about repeating CAP samples before the due date. We don't really have a designated first choice of instruments and the JAT samples are stated by CAP to run within 7 days of receipt due to the possibility of hemolysis. Thanks in advance!

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