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  1. Thanks a lot my dear cthherbal for your help
  2. Dear all , I have question regarding the Q.C for the Red Cell Leukocyte depleted in additive solution (SAGAM) How can we do the sampling from the RBC unit to do the Hemolysis at the end of storage ? i need the procedure please if any one have it also the references if its available . Thanks a lot. Amer
  3. Thanks a lot all for your replay and your comments what about the technique and the time of processing also the cost ,what is the difference between all of theme ? Regards Amer
  4. Dear ALL , I want to know the difference between Intercept treatment and Mirasol treatment for Platelets and Plasma (Pathogen Inactivation) . Regards Amer
  5. Thanks alot for all and for your replay also to shair the informations
  6. Dear all. I have suggestion,why we don't have two diffrent supjects,one for the AABB and the other one for CAP and every one can write his experience on those inspections ( Deficiency and the recomendation) as kind of education material to all blood banker or the people who work in Transfusion Medicine Services. Thanks alot Amer
  7. Terri ,We do all those criteria + 30 minuts But it is not enough for them.they need the approval?
  8. We do all those criteria + 30 minuts But it is not enough for them.they need the approval?
  9. Both AABB and CAP until now we are thinking how to resolve this problem they gave us one month to solve this problem.when they read the procedures they found the 30 min . for RETURN Blodd and Blood Products.
  10. Thank you all again,Actualy last week we had the AABB&CAP inspection,and they report this issu as one of deficiencies we have ?
  11. Thanks alot David for your replay, i need more suggestions
  12. How can we approve if we issued or dispense Blood or any Blood Products and returned with in 30 minutes is acceptable practise????? Urgent please:confused: Amer:confused:
  13. AMER


    Thanks alot all my dear for your reply
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