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  1. Would these need an IQCP since you are not using them according to the manufacturer's specifications?
  2. FDA Reportable Events

    I believe it would need to be reported. The unit was issued with an error. It also doesn't hurt to just submit it since the FDA will let you know if it didn't need to be reported.
  3. As long as the unit is being transfused I don't see why you would stop the transfusion. The crossmatch at the time of dispense was still valid. I've never been questioned on this, maybe others have.
  4. We don't. We only run an autocontrol if there is new reactivity.

    Each tech physically performs a gel ABID and a tube method ABID.

    Everyone performs ABID twice a year at my facility. One using the gel method and the other using any tube method.
  7. Antigen Typing Alternate Proficiency

    I'll have to look into it. We do not stock all antisera for antigen typing.
  8. Infrared Thermometers

    We only accept returned RBC's if the temperature is acceptable. We take the temperature using an infrared thermometer (which we found to read about 2C warmer than the actual internal temperature of the unit).
  9. Antigen Typing Alternate Proficiency

    That is what every hospital I have worked at used for Antigen Typing proficiency.
  10. Alarm for Reagent Refrigerator

    I am interested as well in a stand alone monitor. I really didn't like the proposed need for alarm checks on reagent refrigerators in the draft 31st Standards.
  11. MRN vs FIN

    Medical Record number and date of birth here.
  12. Nurses performing high complexity testing

    Does this mean we get a pay increase? I wouldn't mind making a nurse salary.
  13. Return and Reissue of components

    We do the same. Since we QC our temperature indicators and know that red blood cells can become out of range as early at 10-15 minutes at room temperature, we will quarantine anything that is suspect (i.e. a red blood cell unit that comes back and the temperature hasn't changed over a period of time) for manager or pathologist judgement for return or discard.
  14. Ortho Panel Cells -Quality Assurance

    Maybe test a cell of the panel and rotate it each day of use.