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  1. Hello, I'm wondering what you all did for performing employee signoff when you "went live" with MediaLab Document Control? I'd like to have a record of every employee's review of every document in MediaLab but the only feasible way that I can think of to do this would be to assign every employee to sign/re-sign every SOP/Policy that applies to them. This will result in most of our employees re-signing documents that they've already signed at some point in time outside of MediaLab, which will total somewhere in the 100-300 document range for each. Ultimately this is probably a small price to pa
  2. Hello, I'm wondering if you all require Medical Director approval on new or major-revised forms, worksheets, etc? An example might be manual temperature recording chart or computer downtime worksheet. We historically have never tracked this for individual documents, just the SOPs that dictate how these are used but I am faced with the choice of making this a requirement now that we are implementing Medialab. Thanks for any advice
  3. Thank you for your generous offer Emwilson, if you still have an electronic version of the review guide I would very much appreciate a copy; my email address is cgriffin51@gmail.com. Thanks again,
  4. Barbara, I'm sorry that you seem to be getting a never-ending stream of requests for the 2007 Miami SBB Exam Review document, but I would sincerely appreciate it if you could email me a copy as well. cgriffin51@gmail.com Thank you very much!
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