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  1. We performed elutions when the DAT is positive in IgG and the patient has been transfused in the last 14 days. There could be a rare instance that we would do an elution anyway but I can't recall a time that we felt it was indicated.
  2. We have to order on demand but fortunately it is usually less than 24 hours. To keep track cause it was rather a mess in the beginning of all this a copy of the order(doctor's) is kept with the copy of the order that is placed with the blood supplier on a hanging file in the BB. Our Blood supplier requires a MR# when we order which is they place on the product receipt form along with the unit number of the plasma. A message is also put in the shift report so staff know to expect a delivery. Once the shipment arrives it is brought into inventory and if the floor doesn't need it yet it is put
  3. The doctors have a choice here to selected irradiated red cells rather than red cells and adding a comment . Also once we know a patient needs irradiation we have a "special needs" requirement we can assign to patients. If the Tech tries to dispense a product without the special need they receive a message they have to over ride in order to go on. Of course they can over ride it or not dispense but then they are in deep do do.
  4. Only time we crossmatch ahead of dispensing to the floor is if the serologic crossmatch is required. Then we electronically crossmatch usually crossmatch/dispense when the floor calls for the product. We attach the order to a form we have(we call it the WIP) that has the patient's identifiers, ABORH/antibody screen interpretation, date of collection and special needs. We keep it in a file at our dispense area until the clot expires or patient is discharge. After that we filed it away in storage boxes that are kept for 10 years. Since we have been doing this we seldom have red cells expiring
  5. thawed cryoprecipitate is to be stored at room temp for 6 hours.
  6. When a patient has had a bone marrow transplant and it has been several years and they have totally engrafted( is that a word?) when is it safe to give blood products that are no longer irradiated ? Or is it a life time requirement. My pathologist is investigating this and so far any literature I have read is vague.
  7. We don't antigen type for Lewis. However, we do perform a prewarm antibody screen. If negative we prewarm xm. If the Lewis doesn't prewarm away then it is a gel xm.
  8. The sites that don't have a NICU have a filter syringe on hand that can be use in case of a emergent neonate transfusion(my hospital supplies them). And they are to give the freshest O neg they have.
  9. It depends what the supplier is sending you. When we use to get single cryoprecipitate that the supplier called a "button" we put sterile saline in it to make it more liquid. Now it is all liquid ( of course when thawed). The pooled cryoprecipitate( 5 CP) is all liquid , not saline added
  10. At my facility as soon as the ABID is resulted it is charged. If the scenario you mentioned happened to us the ABID would be reported out as a "see note". The way our computer system is set up a "see note" allows for a computer xm. Only down fall with this policy the patient is eligible for a preadmission workup.
  11. For plasma we require a current blood type(same admission). If platelets or cryoprecipitate a historic type is acceptable
  12. I didn't see this additional information.
  13. Sorry no help here as we have a backup system that we can check patient history(backed up weekly). There is more to check for other than historic type such as antibody history, or special needs. And for history that may not be backed up yet there is a Patient Activity Report that prints daily that is reviewed for accuracy of result input, among other things. We use that for current information, not much help for special needs or previous antibodies but still something
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