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  1. Hello , would anyone be able to share a "recipe" for QCing diluent 2 and diluent 2 plus using confidence rgt. (using donor segs isn't an option.) or attach procedure? thanks:)
  2. ok, thanks! as we are figuring out our gel validation, we were actually using confidance cell one and 2 as is at first, no dilution. our ortho rep who did our training didnt go over qc at all didn't tell us diluents need to be qc'd. how about diluent exp date once opened? I couldn't find that info anywhere? we keep in fridge after use
  3. Hello, we are currently validating GEL, how are you QCing diluents? instructions for use says it should be done daily w known pos and neg, along w visual. we are using confidence kit. in order to use diluent 2 plus for daily qc, do you pipette 200 ul of 3% cell 1 in test tube, centrifuge one min to pack cells, remove supernatant, pipette 150 ul of MTS diluent 2 plus, mix to resuspend, procede on with QC. if an eagle-eyed CAP inspector asked how we QC diluents, I want to be ready. there is mixed opinions in lab, some think we can use 3% cell 1 as is? but then diluents not used for qc? Als
  4. Hello, at our facility, we send any positive DAT(we use polyspecific) on cord blood to reference lab for work up/elution for HDN. my question is, what should be done with mother/ should a new type and screen be performed soon after cord blood collected? our procedure says if moms antibody screen is positive, start HDN workup. so should it be a recent antibody screen? or prev prenatal antibody screen result? confusion regarding mother, if antibody screen negative don't send? could an antibody eluted off be missed if moms antibody screen was negative? I am not original author of procedure,
  5. Hello, we get our units from American red cross, they did not like us to place stickers on their units, when we return units to them, we may have damaged their unit info rendering them unuseable by removing our label... so we place labels on strung manila shipping tags then attach to unit of blood. , can be purchased at any office supply store. we use 4X4 isbt labels also.
  6. Congratulations!! You have been a wonderful resource for all on this site, thank you for sharing! Cheers!
  7. we report weak D as rh pos, use a 1+ in reporting field, and add internal comment. we would have to refer samples to our ref lab that have a positive DAT with a negative D test to be eluted. sample cannot be accurately tested for weak D positive. positive weak d test results are valid only if it can be demonstrated the red cells do not have a positive DAT. a DAT may be performed on weak d positive red cells or a saline control tube may be incubated with the D test tube. I am not author of our procedure, but source is AABB technical manual 19th edition weak d pages 303-307, AABB standards fo
  8. in our lab we had to implement troubleshooting logs with any and all instrument issues, was tech support called, what did you try to do to fix instrument, so it wouldn't be repeated. and tape it right on instrument, for other things we have a shift report binder to record any call in sick issues, etc. when and if service is coming in, and have weekly huddles for other not so stat issues..
  9. at our facility, if one drop of Anti-D and 1 drop of patients 3-5% is negative, we proceed to the antiglobulin weak D procedure(incubate at 37 degrees for 15 min, wash 3 times, add 2 drops of monospecific IgG, if positive macroscopically patient is considered weak D positive, AABB technical manual 19th edition and orthoclinical direction circular.
  10. sorry, I misspoke, yes, if we receive an applicant with a 4 yr biology degree, NOT MT(ASCP), they don't qualify for MT starting pay, but I really have no idea what they are paid, difference is most likely very minimal, an MLT is 2 year MT is 4 year degree so different pay scale, but again, I would never ask anyone what they are paid an hour, nor would I ever volunteer my wage, and if someone comes in w experience, they would start out at a higher salary than someone right out of school obviously. but all applicants can negotiate for whatever starting pay they are willing to accept with in a
  11. it would definitely put you ahead of the pack if you would like a supervisor or lab manager position... I am a MT(ASCP), if we get applicants with just a bachelors degree, they are paid as an MLT, so may be worth your while, definitely can be used to request a higher salary if you apply elsewhere, or could negotiate a higher salary with your current organization? do they offer tuition reimbursement? would you need to take on a lot of student loan debt?
  12. We use ortho confidence system for qc, there are even quality control record sheets in the box you could use as a template, it is SO easy to do pos/neg controls for anti-A, anti-B, anti-AB, anti-D and rh control, does not take any more time or use much reagent, so in my opinion just do it
  13. our facility draws presurgical type and antibody screens, if that sample has a positive screen we send it to our ref lab(ARC) for antibody id, when same patient presents for surgery(may be two weeks usually could be slightly longer) we repeat type and screen which will be positive BUT we don't send that sample for antibody workup as long as patient is not pregnant and has not rcvd transfusion since presurgical testing. we add canned comment to the day of surgery positive screen stating "Antibody previously identified. Patient is not pregnant and has not rcvd a transfusion since the last antib
  14. We use crossmatched/transfused ratio for our blood utilization committee, we also keep track for each deparment (ortho, OB/GYN etc. but we cycle our rbc stock, we return rbc units to American red cross that meet a certain exp cut off date, and we order units to maintain optimum inventory. this happens weekly. if we dip below our minimum inventory we order more product in addition to our weeky order.
  15. I also use Anti-B for affirmagen A1 rgt neg ctl and Anti-A for affirmagen B rgt neg control as part of new lot/newshipment check. as part of daily control I use ortho confidence
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