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Does anyone have online competency forms (word or excel preferably) that went through CAP inspection without deficiencies they would be willing to send me?  I'm specifically looking for something easy to use that's not more than a couple of pages.  Our last CAP we as a lab got hit again, not that are staff aren't competent but because our paperwork was not consistent between departments.  Now we started using a packet that contains 6 different forms:  Competency Summary Form (one for each patient test method), Patient Testing Direct Observation Checklist (one for each test method), Instrument maintenance Direct Observation Checklist (one for each piece of equipment used in patient testing), Problem-Solving Skills form (one for each test method), Authorized Test System Form plus for BB only I have a non-testing competency summary form/checklist to cover non-testing procedures.  This seems excessive and it's really time consuming filling out paperwork especially I have to bench as well.  

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