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  1. Here is the procedure that goes along with the form we made up. TS03.1025 Daily Reagent QC - Copy.docx
  2. Here is my daily QC form. We use 2 racks of reagents each day. We only actually QC one rack each day alternately and check the other rack to make sure the reagents match. Once the lot numbers are written, we just put check marks in the boxes if the lot # is on the rack. One rack has Anti-D4 and the other has Anti-D5 and we QC both each day. The blank lines are in case a new lot # is added during the week. I have added the things we don't QC (*) everyday just so there is a record of what could have been used. It gets a bit confusing on the saline cubes.... The cube has an expiration but once it
  3. I don't think BB testing is analytical so I also mark this as NA. When it comes to BB testing, the patient is either positive or negative.
  4. We print a report each night that tells us how many of each type of product are available. We just count the number of each and it almost always matches. We can usually get this done without the alarm sounding. If our counts doesn't match what the computer says we have, then we dig into the weeds to see which unit is missing. Then we print the list of all the ISBT numbers to find the one in question.
  5. Sonya Martinez- You are welcome! I was horrified that we had to revert back to messy ice and thermometers when we paid extra for the Helmer alarm system. If you figure out how to "map" a fridge, please share with the rest of us. I would guess sticking thermometers all over to see where the warm spots are located but who knows.
  6. Shelby56. Would you please give me an example of a "known" high titer commercial antisera? I'm thinking Anti-E or Anti-C since they usually give 4+ results. Or do you have something specific you order just for this evaluation? THX
  7. I know when CAP revived the standard, I was upset because I also thought I had to revert back to ice and water to make the chart move on my Helmer fridges and PLT incubator during alarm checks. That was moving backward as far as i was concerned. I called Helmer and finally received a PDF regarding Helmer and TRM.42750. I was also sending email questions to CAP at the same time. Our equipment is older and doesn't have printouts but CAP stated a photo of when the alarm sounded should be OK to proof. (I am keeping that email for a future inspection, just in case.) I take a photo of the elec
  8. We also do a second type on all patients without a history in the computer. We try to use a stored Hemo specimen collected at a different time to save the patient another stick. If there are no previous specimens, we order an "ABO Recheck" in the computer. Only the Lab can place this order to keep nursing from ordering this by mistake which they used to do. We used to only do the rechecks on any type but O. We got a new Lab Director who didn't like that practice so we moved to retyping all new patients.
  9. I searched the operator's manual for info and also contacted Immucor about carryover. They basically said there could be carryover but it would be extremely rare since the patient's titer would have to be higher than 5120 and humans do not reach that level. So I decided to use the CAP JAT or J series and test 2 or up to 5 in the same run. The positives are generally pretty strong (4+) and there is always at least 1 negative in the bunch. I also look thru the past patient testing and find at least 3 strong positive (3-4+) patients with either a negative patient in the same run or the next
  10. Brenda, So glad you gave some possibilities about how to QC an expired panel. We actually have been doing something similar for several years. In your example, when we needed to use an expired panel to rule out E we would use the patient's plasma with a Jka+E= panel cell to prove the panel would detect the antibody we suspected as proof it was viable to use. Looks like it would be just as easy to use Jka antisera and officially meet the standard. I groaned when I saw they revised the standard because, at first glance, I thought we would have to QC the antigen we were trying to rule
  11. My hospital is not AABB but I will put in my 2 cents for what it is worth. The way I read this: The collecting/pooling facility will put a DIN on the product. The receiving facility will not change, alter, or remove the number (on that bag). Reading between the lines if you take those units and combine them in a different way with a NEW number, in a new bag, you are not altering the numbers on the original bags. You have a new bag with a new number and the next facility (should there be one) should not change your new number. Your computer system should be able to retain the original prod
  12. I am also interested in how others are checking the Platelet incubator. Our probes are incased in some metal protective shield that makes them very difficult to get to. There are only some little nubs sort of sticking out about an inch or so.
  13. Our hospital system pays a Cerner subcontract team to validate the big upgrades. I am SO GRATEFUL for this!!!!!. It would be overwhleming for one person to have to go thru everything associated with BB. We get a huge notebook for our records of what the did. We still have to test a few things. For small upgrades that affect BB, I perform some type of testing with screen shots during testing and also after it goes in. These are usually not too much. I always test the electronic crossmatch after every validation so I have it on record so I won't get dinged by an inspector.
  14. We used to just document on the maintenance form and review at the end of the month. Then I read somewhere, it may have been on this site, that the software to read the backup disks on the Echo was proprietary and you must have their software to read the DVD backup disks. Our instrument was getting some age on it and I wasn't sure if we would remain with Immucor when we replaced it. So, I talked to Immucor and they said it could be read on Notepad even without the Echo computer. I tried reading it on my computer and it doesn't look anything like it does on the instrument. I sort of figured it
  15. Our QC was minimal several years ago based on the fact that the first ABO back type would confirm the antisera. The standard says the Anti-IgG reactivity is checked during crossmatching. I think our QC only had about 6 tubes and 1 gel card. Very minimal! But I started thinking that we didn't actually have proof the AHG worked on a particular day. (If it isn't documented you didn't do it) I thought proof needed to be added or some tech working that day would need to remember to mark the form hours later. I knew this would get missed multiple times in a year so I added these to the QC form. I e
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