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  1. You cannot use E2121 for all of them. Each of those frozen products have a corresponding thawed 24hour and a thawed 5 day plasma code of their own. You have to use those. We go straight from frozen to 5 day thawed so we only use those two. Here is a screen shot of our database.
  2. CAP competency requirement is labor intensive, regardless of how you document. I have been trying to put more on their competency assessment tool they offer. Setting that up alone is labor intensive. It is the number 1 cited issue of most labs in America. It is not that we are not competent, of course. We have a hard time showing it the way CAP wants it. It really requires a full time QA position just to keep up with the competencies of all the staff in every department.
  3. We use the BCTA (Barcode Enabled Transfusion Administration) module in Meditech.
  4. We just switched to the MaxQ MTP coolers and love them! My validations showed it held temps for 24 hours, even when opening the lid every 15 minutes for the first 2 hours and hourly after that. Plus, we filled the cooler with warm FFP (4 units @37C) and cold RBC (4 units @4C). The cooler cooled down the FFP units to 6C within 3 hours. The RBC'S never went above 5C.
  5. We use 1-6 for coolers, however, the BT-10 only shows breach above 10 so, there's that. We place a NIST certified thermometer in the cooler to show that it is 6 or below upon return. We do not scan these units with the temp gun. It's 1-10 for anything returned not in a cooler.
  6. We use one from Fisher. It is certified and we replace it every 2 years when the certificate expires. I am curious, for those who have the 15 minute limit, did you validate that in all scenarios in your hospital?
  7. I believe he is asking about blood grouping. That is what the title of the message suggest, "Use of Negative Control in Blood Grouping." I'm so confused.
  8. I don't follow. Like you said, all the available automated platforms incorporate a monoclonal control in blood typing. Are you suggesting removing the monoclonal control from the blood grouping test on automated platforms?
  9. We use MEDITECH MAGIC 5.6.7. Long ago, we started entering our Immucor Cell Panel lots into the QC function, along with the individual donor cell reactions. Over the years, our database has grown to where, every month, we only have to enter 1 or 2 new donor cell, out of the 16 on the panel, into the database when entering the new months donor panel. When we have a Passive D, we enter the cell reactions from the panel in the antibody ID field, which stores the reactions indefinitely in MEDITECH. That allows us to not have to keep the antigrams for passive D's. Everything is in the computer and
  10. Though it's not FDA, this webinar was put out by CAP and may be helpful addressing issues of data security and ways of submitting. https://www.cap.org/calendar/virtual-cap-inspections-two-laboratories-shared-perspectives CAP Virtual Inspection Webinar
  11. What methodology are you using? Are you using tube reactions, Gel technology, or solid phase? If tube, what enhancement medium: PEG, LISS, Albumin? My vote is for an auto antibody, either cold or warm. I would doubt that these are antibodies against high frequency antigens showing up in the proportions you describe.
  12. Hopefully ARC will change their policy and allow you all to stock CCP. That was a life-saver for keeping up with the orders. We fill orders within minutes now instead of days.
  13. We do not use ARC. Our supplier is South Texas Blood and Tissue Center. They have done an excellent job recruiting donors and have an abundant supply of CCP. As for AB units, they have been able to keep up with the demand. Only once during this pandemic have we needed to give A to and AB. That is how we would handle the situation if necessary.
  14. When the FDA issued the EUA on August 23, 2020, we started stocking convalescent plasma in house from our supplier. We fill the orders once they come in. Before that, it was a pain. Are you able to make a stock order with ARC for, say, 5 O's, 5 A's, and 2 B's? Our supplier prefers it that way here in South Texas.
  15. I just finished listening to this webinar. Excellent Job @Malcolm Needs. Your south London accent was not at all distracting and your presentation of the material was sufficiently thorough and relevant. Hopefully I get to meet you face to face one day.
  16. The product under question was thawed FFP, not thawed CRYO.
  17. I just saw this seminar being offered by Bio-Rad with our own, infamous, Malcolm Needs as the presenter. I registered and thought I'd pass the word to all of us here. Here is the link:https://info.bio-rad.com/ww-IHD-transfusion-w-registration-lp2.html?elq_mid=48765&elq_cid=10201434&elqCampaignId=30837&utm_campaign=30837&utm_source=eloquaEmail&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Email 13ER EM-R-CM-385201-FY21-TCHS-AWEN_BR-JRNL-TRF News 19 Nov&elqTrackId=6ecbbea5f2bb46849981687404578a8e&elq=7c5f74470efa434dbd4351e512f7ae7a&elqaid=48765&elqat=1&elqCampaignId=3
  18. The age old problem of how do you make people pay attention to the details...If you figure this out, let me know. I haven't yet. Do you not have an "IRRADIATED RBC" product in your dictionary that the physician could have chosen? That puts the responsibility on them, where it should lie. A comment is not an order and, if they are relying on that, they are forcing your techs into a position of failure. I would suggest you add an irradiated product order to your dictionary. If the physician wants that product, they must order that product that way.
  19. Yes. I missed that part about it being crossmatch incomplatible to other normal donors. I would definitely return the unit to the supplier.
  20. I would suggest running a select panel of low-frequency antigens against your patient's plasma (V, Cw, Jsa, Kpa, LUa, Bga, Ch, etc). If the patient has one of those antibodies, the antibody screen would still be negative and, likely, so would your panel if there is no positive cell included. The unit may have the corresponding antigen. I have seen this several times. Since we don't routinely do serological crossmatches in the presence of a negative antibody screen, these antibodies are normally not found until a transfusion reaction investigation.
  21. The current COVID crisis has exacerbated the ongoing issue of the shortage of technologists in the field. In San Antonio Texas US where the virus is peaking, our systems are strecthed to the limit and many of our techs are burned out. Most of our techs are 50 years old or older and just can't work anymore hours. The younger ones are doing as much overtime as possible but they are complaining. We cannot fill any new positions because, frankly, there is no one. Is anyone else experiencing increased staffing issues highlighted by COVID?
  22. What is the patient's transfusion history? Did you perform a DAT or elution? These tests need to be done next. My initial thoughts are you may have a warm autoantibody and, if the patient has not been recently transfused, try a W.A.R.M. adsorption. What enhancement medium are you using? Try to run the screen using a different enhancement (ie LISS vs PEG).
  23. At our facilities last week, we implemented a temporary "no return" policy during this COVID crisis. Only exceptions are those issued in ice chest to O.R., massive transfusion, or ECHMO, provided they are not COVID patients or patients under investigation. The nurses have become much more compliant with completing the pre-transfusion checklist before picking up the unit as a result.
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