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I am confused on the expiration date of liquid plasma. Expiration date is 5 days from end of Whole Blood dating period. CPDA-1 Whole Blood expire 35 days from date of collection. Does that mean CPDA-1 Liquid plasma expire 35+5 days? Please help.

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'Liquid Plasma' is never frozen so there's no need to thaw it therefore the outdate is not changed.

'Thawed Plasma' is the 5 Day product which results from Thawing Frozen Plasma (in all it's various forms, FFP, FP24, etc.).

Note: When Frozen Plasma is thawed, it is assigned a 24hr outdate.  You can extend that outdate to 5 Days IF you label it 'Thawed Plasma'.

e.g. Frozen FFP is thawed to Fresh Frozen Plasma (24h outdate).  You can leave it that way or change it to 'Thawed Plasma' (no FFP designation) and assign a 5 Day outdate to it.  Most hospitals, if they go that route, just label it 'Thawed Plasma' with a 5 Day outdate immediately after it's thawed.  (One Step vs Two Steps)

Note:  I'm using USA FDA rules, I don't know what they do in other countries.

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I am not trying to thaw liquid plasma. I am not asking about thawed plasma either. I just want to know/confirm if blood center manufacture CPDA-1 Liquid Plasma  (not Irradiated) if it's original exp date would be 40 days? I had in my mind as exp date of Liquid plasma as 26 days. But really it seems like 5 days from end of Whole Blood dating period. 

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Correct me if I'm wrong, isn't liquid plasma (from Whole blood, never frozen) only indicated for an emergency use?  We had been using it for other cases when short dated but stopped this practice after review of Circular of Information.  I believe the reason is that it contains viable leukocytes.

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