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  1. We take temps using an infrared thermometer of one unit in each box and document in our LIS (Cerner). In my 6 years at this position we've only have had one issue where blood was outside the 1-10C requirement, and maybe one other time for platelets outside 20-24C.
  2. Level-1 still states: Not for use in warming platelets, cryoprecipitate, or granulocytes
  3. we bill CPT 86078 from AABB website: Billing for Blood and Transfusion Services- Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (aabb.org) Billing for Transfusion Reactions Question: What is the appropriate billing date for CPT code 86078 Blood Bank physician services; investigation of transfusion reaction including suspicion of transmissible disease, interpretation and written report? Answer: The date the transfusion reaction workup specimen(s) was collected should be the billed date of service. This includes all services performed in conjunction with the transfusion reaction regardless of date of completion. Reference 68 Fed. Reg. 74607, at 74611 (Dec. 24, 2003) Negotiated Rulemaking: Coverage and Administrative Policies for Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Services
  4. AABB 3.9 Information Systems The BB/TS shall have processes to support the implementation and modification of software, hardware, and databases relating to the requirements of these BB/TS Standards. Standard 5.1.1 applies. These processes shall include: 1. Risk analysis, training, validation, implementation, and evaluation of postimplementation performance. 2. System maintenance and operation. 3. Documentation written in language understandable to the user. 4. Display and verification of data before final acceptance, when data are added, or when data are amended. 5. Evaluation, authorization, and documentation of modifications to the system.
  5. I did a swiss cheese diagram after the fatality in the US a few years ago to hit home what COULD happen. Attaching, feel free to tweak for your use. It speaks to just one of the reasons why we require the sample confirmatory sample, and probably the most important one, WBIT. Swiss cheese TX incompatible transfusions patient death1.pptx
  6. We have the Ortho Vision which interfaces to our LIS, Cerner. Pretty reliable overall and only 1-2 service calls per year. We run type and screens, Cord bloods, Unit Confirmations, and Panels. We do see a few ? reactions every day where my staff are allowed to view the gel card and edit grades based on their eye view.
  7. Hi, Sarah. What did you end up deciding? We have a Vision but don’t currently run titers on it. We use manual gel, and haven’t had any problems with proficiency testing.
  8. We do not use SAGM in the US, but this is an article that talks about upper limit of hemolysis. https://www.ajts.org/article.asp?issn=0973-6247;year=2007;volume=1;issue=2;spage=47;epage=51;aulast=Sawant
  9. Good day, all. From our monthly LIS reports (we use Cerner), I have just been tallying the data manually. # of O pos units transfused to non O pos patients (RBCs)/ total units transfused # of O neg units to non O neg patients (RBCs)/ total units transfused # of AB to non AB patients (plasma)/ total units transfused
  10. Yes. Depending on how you have your system set up, it would require a serological crossmatch as opposed to electronic.
  11. Yes, it’s required by my state, (NJ) to report.
  12. We have Epic EMR with Cerner LIS, however the systems are not “linked”. Blood orders print in the blood bank and we call each time product is ready. The nurses scan the blood bags (4 ISBT barcodes) at bedside but the “matching” part of BPAM is not turned on. Awaiting administration approval for this enhancement.
  13. I agree. We are getting liquid plasma from Red Cross that has a 26-day outdate as well.
  14. Yes we implemented Verax last year.
  15. Does anyone have tips on which objectives are needed? 10x 20x 40x? We just got one... some of my techs will be excited to use.
  16. Cliff: I just submitted my first question. Be easy on me
  17. For the past week, we have posted 1/3 of our RBC supply on the Blood Hub transfer board (ARC), but unfortunately we have had no takers. I'm sorry to say we will lose a good amount in the coming days/weeks due to outdating.
  18. The new AABB standard 1.4 entitled “Operational Continuity” is timely in that it forces us to take a look at our existing processes and have a plan for situations we could not have anticipated, just like COVID-19.
  19. I have experience using Lascar ones. Reliable, easy to setup and retrieve the data. I generally used a 5-minute delay because of the warm up/ cool down time when initially placed.
  20. We have Aeroscout. It’s not 100% reliable but for the most part it’s fine. We get reports every 12-hours that lists all the lab devices. If the server goes down you will not get the reports, but I believe they can be generated by Biomed once server is back up.
  21. I just answered this question. My Score FAIL
  22. Unless I am missing something, the MTS Dil 2 is not used in antibody screening, however it is used for making a suspension when performing a DAT IgG test (pos and neg QC) on the analyzer. MTS Dil 2+ is used to make the ABORh forward typing solution, which is also QC'd on the analyzer. For the DAT we make our own but for the ABORh and antibody screen QC, we use AlbaQ commercially made QC material (we test O pos, A neg and B pos QC samples) as well as the antibody screens- two vials test pos (anti-D, c) and one vial tests neg.
  23. We do not if we can figure out RhIg injection history, unless specifically requested by MD. Last week we had one where mom did not get the 28 week shot yet, apparently fell at some point, and didn't tell anyone, and her pre-natal anti-D titer was 1024!
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