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  1. https://careers.mercy.net/job/MEHEUS804211/Exec-Director-Lab-Services?utm_source=indeed&mode=job&iis=Indeed.com&iisn=Indeed.com&utm_medium=phenom-feeds&mode=job&iis=Indeed.com&iisn=Indeed.com
  2. I have a dilemma across my hospital system and wondering if there's any insight here. Half of our 42 labs use Typenex bands, while the other half does not. There seem to be very entrenched positions on both sides, but I'm trying to achieve a standardization across the system. Anyone here with some recent experience on this? I appreciate your feedback!
  3. Does anyone have a set criteria for ordering phenotypically matched red cells? I was looking at finding some more efficient workflows for our WAA and sickle cell patients. Appreciate any thoughts!
  4. Welcome to the forums LabMed007 :)

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