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  1. Can anyone shed some light... How long do we need to save the following: I am saying 2 years - not 10 for Blood Bank records. (not patient test results) Manual Paper Pick up slips : Blood Products / Rhogam : 2 years - do we need to save?? Blood Inventory and Orders to Blood Center : Need to save? Shipping documents to Blood Center / Transfer Order to Blood Center : Need to save?
  2. Did you receive a deficiency and beat it or meet requirements with this?
  3. Have 26 years of progressive experience in Blood Bank, Microbiology , Hematology , Chemistry , currently Technical Lab Supervisor in Chicago. Have worked as a Technical Application Specialist for Sysmex on contract, Quality Manager for Verisiti . Day shift only - Permanent Placement with benefits Any serious inquires please send to teresagr@comcast.net
  4. We were just given a deficiency from CAP for having our Rhogam stored in fridge 1-8, supposed to be 2-8 . How do you all alleviate this ? or proove your fridge never drops to 1 degree? checklist all Common 30350 Thank you so much
  5. Do you have a written procedure by any chance:?
  6. Could anyone ever be so kind and send me an example of their tube (manual) daily QC procedure so I can take a glance? I am amending our current QC policy to reflect the "neg" tube qc that are needed to meet regulations. Could use a hand. Thank you
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