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  1. Thank you very much for the responses and form. I will bring them to our committee meeting and see if we can enact them.
  2. Hello everyone this topic was explored last year and I am hoping that those with insight/experience will weigh in. We have EPIC and SunQuest (older version right now) in our lab. Our emergency releases are called to the Blood Bank and then a form for signature is sent. Our physicians have requested that we implement a mechanism in EPIC for signature. We have not found a way to do that as of yet. It is typically nursing or a resident MD entering the orders and not the attending physician, as the attending physician (usually Trauma) is busy taking care of the patient. I would appreciate any information as to how anyone was able to institute signature/acknowledgement statement in EPIC of the emergency release by the attending physician responsible. If you could share your process, that would be great. Many thanks in advance.
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