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  1. thank you Malcom and Scott for you responses! We spoke with the clinicians, who seem to understand the anti-S titer number will not tell them much of anything, and they had already realized the Jk and the C were useless to titer (which saved us a lot of grief). They could not provide any references or good reasons for needing the anti-S now, but pretty much insisted, and we acquiesced on this patient ONLY since her situation is quite unique. So we are treating the clinician rather than the patient this time; I've been covering clin path long enough to know that sometimes this is just the way it goes. Anyhow, we have at least opened a line of communication to the clinicians in the case and they feel we are trying to help them (even if we think it's silly), and that may be all the reassurance they need. And was better to know about this patient sooner rather than later, b/c if she does make it all the way to delivery with a chronic anemia we were gonna need to plan for her anyway. At least she's now on our radar in BB. Again, thank you all for your expert opinions! LCH
  2. We have a woman with a complicated history who is trying to conceive. She has h/o many transfusions and is followed by heme (for anemia) and repro endocrinology. She is B pos with anti-C, anti-Jka, anti-S. The prospective father has been genotyped for the corresponding antigens and is c/c, Jkb/Jkb, and S/s. The clinicians want us to titer her antibodies now, before she has conceived. This isn't something we typically do; our docs usually start titers at the first prenatal visit. We havent been able to get a good reasoning out of the clinicians about why this makes sense to do in this particular patient (and I am leery of letting a bad habit get started), although I do admit she is very complicated. I will be pushing back on the Jka and the C, since dad is antigen-negative. But I may have to give in on titering the anti-S, since he does carry it, and I cant point to any reference that gives a good reason not to. Any thoughts/info/experience?
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