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  1. Hello. 31st Edition of AABB Standards for Blood Banks and Transfusion Services says: 5.17.2 If a non-group-O neonate is to receive non-group-O Red Blood Cells that are not compatible with the maternal ABO group, the neonate's serum or plasma shall be tested for Anti-A or Anti-B. Test methods shall include an antiglobulin phase using either donor or reagent A1 or B red cells. Std. applies. If anti-A or anti-B is detected, Red Blood Cells lacking the corresponding ABO antigen shall be transfused. My question is how you do this reserch for anti-A and/or anti-B including antiglobulin phase in gel card? 25 ou 50 µL of plasma? Incubation at 37C? 22C? Thank you in advance!
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