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  1. Thanks for the interesting post. Are you part of a health system? Perhaps another blood bank supervisor could come assess you, or you could pay a private consultant to do so.
  2. No need to wash. We run Cord Bloods on our Ortho Vision. Could it be contaminated saline, perhaps? I would repeat using freshly prepared bottle of saline.
  3. We contract the service to an outside vendor, but we review their compliance reports at transfusion committee meetings quarterly. Very low usage here (4 collections in 2022 with no blood returned to patients).
  4. Regardless of gender, we do a weak D tube test on any patient who test at 2+ or below with the Ortho gel anti-D. If patients are possible weak D, we will transfuse with Rh negative as a precaution.
  5. I agree with the others who state to consider getting rid of the separate blood bank ID bands. We do not use these currently. We have Cerner LIS and Epic EMR. The nurses scan blood bags and patient armband at bedside when starting the transfusion. As an aside, we do bedside collection labeling in Epic. We do track Wrong Blood in Tube. When we first went live on Epic, those numbers increased, but once workflows were reinforced, the number is now very low. The one WBIT we had in 2021 is where someone found a way around the system I believe someone mentioned it above, "scan overrides". Problem detected in blood bank when confirmatory sample did not match original type and screen blood type. Luckily this person no longer works here. :)
  6. Thanks, everyone. I wanted to validate it especially for 2nd/ 3rd shift staff when there is only 1 tech staffed in the blood bank. They could put on the segment, sample then do other things.
  7. Has anyone automated the immediate spin and the IgG crossmatch using the Ortho Vision?
  8. Yes. Phlebotomists perform this procedure at our facility.
  9. We take temps using an infrared thermometer of one unit in each box and document in our LIS (Cerner). In my 6 years at this position we've only have had one issue where blood was outside the 1-10C requirement, and maybe one other time for platelets outside 20-24C.
  10. Level-1 still states: Not for use in warming platelets, cryoprecipitate, or granulocytes
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