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  1. We give Hb S negative rbc components to known sickle patients.
  2. we have SafeTrace Tx. I built modifications for Pgd tested plts that changes the product code and expiration dates of the tested plts.
  3. I might add that the patient was Filipino.
  4. We had a patient with anti-Jk3. We were able to find units for him once the blood supplier started looking at Polynesians and Pacific Islanders.
  5. Polynesians/Pacific Islanders.
  6. Polynesians/Pacific Islanders.
  8. It does occur, but what we see more often is a negative screen and about a quarter to a third of the units incompatable by Coombs crossmatch. These patients get transfused about once a month, so we still do AHG crossmatches on them.
  9. This is a long shot, but if your patient is black and transfused often, it could be ant-Jsa or anti-V/VS. We see that not infrequently with our sickle cell patients who are on a chronic transfusion protocol.
  10. I think ICCBBA may release some information on 1 April. They are, of course, operating under the same sort of constraints as the rest of us.
  11. I asked the blood bank manager and director if I need to put these codes in our computer system; I have not heard back from them.
  12. Our system does not allow us to pool across product types, so we treat a reconstituted whole blood unit as two units (RBC and plasma) in one bag. We label with both product codes and both DINs.
  13. We haven't had any significant shortages recently. I am in the southeast.
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