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  1. I think ICCBBA may release some information on 1 April. They are, of course, operating under the same sort of constraints as the rest of us.
  2. I asked the blood bank manager and director if I need to put these codes in our computer system; I have not heard back from them.
  3. Our system does not allow us to pool across product types, so we treat a reconstituted whole blood unit as two units (RBC and plasma) in one bag. We label with both product codes and both DINs.
  4. We haven't had any significant shortages recently. I am in the southeast.
  5. Some of you have already specified this, but for those of you who require a current specimen for plasma, do you have the same policy for platelets?
  6. We have two Helmer DH8 units. We love them. We are a level one trauma center and we have MTPs. Our thawers have always been able to keep up. In general, Helmer products are good.
  7. I email them when I have a question. They have been very helpful.
  8. You should also address the zygosity of the cells used to rule out. Do you do selected cell panels where you use cells from different panels (after you've done a standard panel)?
  9. Change Control started in Blood Bank in our lab, but now the whole laboratory uses the process.
  10. We are on SafeTrace Tx version 3.13. We upgraded last June. Based on my experience with Haemonetics and other vendors, I don't think the FDA would allow a vendor to be ten years without an upgrade.
  11. I wondered if you were testing fecal occult blood.
  12. We use issue to mean dispensing the product to staff who will take it to the patient's location. We don't use the term collected except in the context of drawing specimens. I suspect this is a British English vs. American English 'issue.'
  13. We have an anonymous phone line as part of our Corporate Compliance Department. You probably do as well.
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