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  1. Smarty pants

    Fake blood products

    Pineapple juice mixed with orange juice (the "pulp" that looks like platelets) makes for an excellent platelet product!
  2. Smarty pants

    contminated blood unit

    If the MD has evidence that the unit has been opened and risks bacterial contamination - the unit shouldn't be used. If the MD doesn't have evidence, he should be taught about the steps the blood bank takes to eliminate that risk. If it is possible that the unit is contaminated, and is a rare group with no other unit to meet the patient's needs... it would be within his medical decision to use it or not. If he chooses to use it, it might make sense to administer some prophylactic antibiotics. But there are some very rapid tests for bacteria and it seems like taking the extra 10 minutes would be worth it to know for sure what the actual risk is before actually giving the unit.
  3. Smarty pants

    Volume (Plasma) Reduced Platelet

    Each manufacturer of platelet bags has validated conditions that must be met for 5 day storage. The AABB/ FDA cannot give you a standard because each bag is slightly different. Talk to your supplier to find out the storage requirements for the bag you are using. (I know Terumo is validated up to a concentration of 2,100,000 and Fenwal has a minimum volume requirement for a range of concentration). If you're outside of that storage recommendation... you probably will need to short-date those products, or at least test the pH prior to issue to ensure a quality product.
  4. Smarty pants

    Secondary Bacterial Testing for Platelets

    I think Verax is the only one available.
  5. Smarty pants

    Use of Whole Blood in Massive Transfusions

    We learn something new from every war. Plastic bags are better than glass bottles. Additive solution prolongs the life of RBCs. It seems that the lessons learned in the current gulf conflict is the valuable use of whole blood in traumas. There are multiple studies, and they're pretty compelling. That said, I don't see much change in maintaining an inventory of WB. I see the change in ordering more FFP along with the pRBCs to treat traumas in order to get the component to be "more like" whole blood. The benefits of freezing the plasma are pretty apparent. There is also some interesting research being done on platelets stored at 4c. They have a longer shelf-life (the cold slows down their metabolism a bit). And they're already slightly activated, so they work faster when transfused to plug the holes. I think the DoD is actively doing some research on this, and there are a few articles published. Still a lot of work towards the feasibility on how this would be managed, because it is a whole new product with a specific indication. It would need ISBT products, FDA approval... we're still years away.... but it's interesting to read about.
  6. Smarty pants

    splitting/ aliquoting a blood unit

    The question is how the pedi pack/ transfer pack is attached. Not how it is removed. If it is attached via sterile technique so as to not jeopardize the sterility of the product, it should retain it's original outdate. When you remove it, you just need to ensure that it is a "permanent seal" not just a clamp with can accidentally open. Those grommets are generally considered a "permanent seal".
  7. Smarty pants

    Blood Product Check on Nursing Unit

    In my experience, one of the reviewers needs to be licensed (RN, MD...) the 2nd person does not. They're reviewing to make sure the paperwork matches the recipient, anyone can do that. The person to hang the unit and start the transfusion needs to ensure that the blood type is compatible and matches.... I struggle to find a single nurse who really understands that (unforrunately).
  8. Smarty pants

    FFP thawing with no hot water

    Could you store hot water in a 10 gallon thermos? It seems that replacing a valve shouldn't be more than an hour or two right? ("shouldn't") It seems that keeping hot water in a thermos to fill up your bucket might meet your need for that short time frame???
  9. Smarty pants

    QC procedure for donor units

    Are you talking about RBCs? I think most people are using flow for all WBC counts, but this is an interesting idea!
  10. Smarty pants

    TSCD-II welder

    Terumo also makes a T-Seal... which might meet your need, it can be linked together (multiple devices with a single power source) to do a full line of segments in a single action which is quite handy if you're looking to do that too.
  11. Smarty pants

    Intercept Platelets

    Intercept can be used on platelets in PAS and Platelets in Plasma. Make sure you got the right code!!
  12. Can you please share with me the current practices of your hospitals for neonatal thrombocytopenic patients? Are you transfusing antigen negative units? Are you transfusing randoms vs apheresis? Do you collect from the mother for a directed transfusion? Thanks!
  13. Smarty pants

    Donor deferral for anticoagulants

    Eman - do you defer ALL donations for those medications? Or just platelets? (are the medications things like Ibuprofen or Naproxen? or something else?)
  14. Smarty pants

    Donor deferral for anticoagulants

    There is for platelet donation. I'm not aware of any for RBC/Plasma donation.
  15. Quality guy.... are we saying the same thing? The Trima platelets have a volume of 400 mL (max yield <5.2) per bag. Their product bags are more clear and pliable. Amicus has a more detailed yield/ volume ratio (The volume depends on the yield, they have a table your supplier could provide you. If they yield is "x" the volume needs to be between "y" and "z"). I know their bags have a more "milky" color and hold their shape a bit more, less pliable. If that helps at all.

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