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  1. Hear anymore on this subject ? I too am curious. To my knowledge our blood center labels rRBCs as antigen negative confirmed only based on current results. If an historic antigen is called out on the tag it will say “historically types” Cw- for example
  2. I have these questions as well. Did you hear anything back on this?
  3. Our lab also transitioned to treating our own cells for adsorptions for complex workups but for only a short time of a few years. Our hurdles forced us to discontinue this level of service again as mentioned keeping staff competency, TATs without 24/7 coverage and limited flights for samples to arrive. We had the advantage of our sister IRL to provide absorbing units for us on a regular basis otherwise it would have been very difficult. It was fun while it lasted but if there is any question in the long term viability and ROI this route isn’t for everyone and of course the main concern is providing the best patient care if you don’t have a team that can staff a schedule as well as handle the 8+ hrs one sample may take to finish....this may not be for everyone. Hope this helps Let us us know how this goes !!
  4. Yes terrible. I am hoping this was reported by the FDA by the blood supplier. Scary. @Baby Banker This should never happen ever.
  5. Good work on cutting out unneeded RT incubations! To clarify, are you talking about a cold agglutinin screen when CAD is suspected or a cold antibody screen? Just wondering since our SOP does not allow cold antibody screens to be performed routinely. There is reference for a Cold Agg. screen procedure in the Judd's Methods in Immunohematology, 3rd ed.
  6. I would agree I think a form just as mollyredone attached. This is similar to the form we use to document CLIA competencies. There are several requirements that our facility expects to be documented: Observe tech perform testing Observe tech perform PMs on equipment Document that tech can: Report results Review results Troubleshoot (answer problem solving questions) Hope this helps.
  7. That’s the whole point I agree with pbaker. We try to use double reds whenever possible.. It’s too bad that our own processes and convenience takes precedence over what’s best for the patient.
  8. Yes. Even from the blood center side if we distribute a mislabeled product (isn’t even issued to a patient yet) these are definitely FDA reportable errors.
  9. Scary times when management will not hear our cries whether it be a dangerously short staffed lab or dangerous staff that are putting patient safety at risk. Is there anyone else that can also account for these happenings and go with you to have a talk with HR along side your superiors? Power in numbers.
  10. Our blood center has Manila tags made company wide with a place for the DIN and results are easily filled in.
  11. Good point. Focusing on how clean the cooler is does not help the fact that the blood bag itself is probably fairly dirty and dusty. With all of the production steps st the blood center, centrifuge cups see hundreds of units a day and are only required to be cleaned once per day. Add the handling at the blood center from tray to tray and transport, it's not the cleanest after all those steps Unfortunately.
  12. And makes it a nightmare to review! Our poor QA dept has to spend hours decifering our J survey bubble sheets.
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