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  1. Hello, Do you automatically emergency release in SOFTBank with your trauma/MTP? Right now we retroactively add all of the units in and add proper issue/return/release times. It’s quite a lengthy process that we would like to streamline.
  2. We do have a unique trauma name/number/MRN upon admission of the trauma. We need SOFTLab to have an order for the patient to show up in SOFTBank. So that is where the current hold up is.
  3. Ward_X we do have the function with SOFTBank but ours is currently turned off since we need the patient account first before being able to issue. I’ve been researching ways around it and hoping to find a work around.
  4. bowerj1, this is exactly what we would like to be doing in SOFTBank. Right now our LIS doesn’t have us using the Emergency Release option in SOFTBank. For time saving purposes, our ER calls us with the request for MTP and let’s us know whether they are male or female. We have premade trauma packets for male and female with uncrossmatched blood set aside. We start packing the cooler and manually write the plasma and platelets. We carry the paper and cooler to ER and then grab the trauma patient labels( which is usually just a generic trauma name). Later when the patient information is updated, we add everything that was sent to that patient and issue it (and/or return/release) depending on what all was given during the trauma. Are you a SOFTBank user using emergency release?
  5. Ward_X we have a similar process as you except we have a 3 page carbon copy MTP form and we hand write the unit numbers. As you can imagine, writing a bulk amount of numbers quickly can result in errors. Do you just place the unit labels on both copies of your trauma sheet? Thanks for the reply!
  6. I would like to be included, as well. I’m very interested in how others utilize emergency release for MTP/traumas with SoftBank/Lab. We also have EPIC.
  7. Hello everyone! I work in a level 1 trauma center and we are revisiting our MTP protocol. Right now we manually write all of the unit numbers on a 3 page carbon copy sheet and continue to do so until the Type and Screen is complete on the patient. We use SOFTBank/Lab and EPIC. We would ultimately like to use our Emergency Release in SOFTBank but I’ve seen it’s a common issue with other users. Would you be willing to share what you do to decrease the amount of writing (and therefore time/errors) of unit numbers for your MTP’s? Any thoughts are welcome and appreciated!
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